Social Media Marketing Ideas That You Can Learn From Accounts With Millions Of Followers

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Social Media Marketing Ideas From Companies With Millions Of Followers


Not all companies in the world are successful in social media marketing. Some of these brands have less than a million followers even after being active on social media for a few years. But other companies and organizations do stand out. One great example is NASA. On Twitter, it can easily form connections with everyone, even those who hate science.

In addition to NASA, Nike, Adidas, and other companies have put a ton of effort to gain a massive following across all their social media accounts.

What They Did To Have Millions Of Followers?


One of the many things that boosted companies with millions of fans is their unexpected humor. Some brands, which are known to be serious, adopt a different tone for their social media posts. They are funny. They also use a first person voice with witty phrases to introduce their products and services, giving a new way to engage their audience on social media.

They posted behind-the-scenes or photos before they are even released to the press. These companies use images that are attention grabbers. They also capitalize on pictures and videos by providing details about their products/services to people who have no interest in learning about them.

Customize Content

For most companies, producing social media posts that young audience can relate to is a highly challenging task. But some companies exceptional in this area. They make regular references to pop culture. They also use the latest memes that are trending online. These organizations educate their audience, not in a boring way but an engaging and witty manner. Serious brands use Internet lingo to provide a clever twist when they want to teach their followers.

Apart from being active on social media sites, they also tailor their content based on the specific audience on each site. For example, Snapchat caters to a young audience. Thus, companies with massive followers keep their posts as entertaining as possible while avoiding the use of jargons. But they are not afraid to share detailed information on Twitter or Reddit.


Social media influencers are vital in your social media marketing. If credible influencers share your information with their audience, it could boost your social media reach without spending anything. Those companies with massive followers understood the importance of fostering connections with social media influencers.

For example, they urge their supporters to share a particular information about their companies’ programs on social media. When their followers shared the information, some of them were given a behind-the-scenes tour of their organization. These followers had the chance to interact with the company’s engineers or executives that they do not normally see or interact with. They showcase influencers visiting their facilities and how they interacted with the people who work there.


Although these companies have more than enough money to pay people to boost their social media marketing, it does not mean that you cannot learn anything from them on how to increase your online followers within a short period.

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