Social Media Marketing for B2B Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Twitter accounts for 82 percent of all social media-originated leads and Facebook accounts for 54 percent of all social media-source site visits. These two factors are essential parts of social media marketing for a business-to-business or B2B company.

Contrary to statements from doubters and detractors, B2B companies need social media to market their products or services. The platform is among the most widely used and best marketing strategies for an online marketing campaign.

Why market the products or services of a B2B company? Business-to-business marketing is the practice of a person or company, such as commercial businesses, institutions, and governments to help with the sale of their own products or services to other companies or businesses that resell the goods, use the items as components in the products or services they provide, or support processes and operations. Most of the time, business-to-business marketing, also known as industrial marketing, is discussed as business marketing, or B2B marketing, in brief.

B2B marketing is different from B2C marketing, short for business-to-consumer marketing. Even though B2C marketing focuses at large groups using mass media and online or offline retailers, B2B marketing has more personal talks between the buyer and seller.

B2B marketers use social media, articles on websites, electronic newsletters, blogs, case studies, and videos. More than half of these marketers say they aim to boost efforts and increase the budget for content marketing next year. In addition, nearly half of B2B companies outsource or hire content creators online.

The value of social media is compressed in this statistic: 54 percent of Internet users who live in the U.S. use social media sites.

In descending order, B2B marketers use LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, and Pinterest.

Most B2B companies have an interest in social media because it promotes brand awareness, increases customer acquisition, generates leads, upholds customer retention or loyalty, and endorses though leadership.

Social media has a wide range of analytics software, mostly from third-party developers, including tools that calculate return on investment or ROI.

According to an infographic released by marketing firm Clearpoint Agency, tools used by B2B companies to measure ROI from social media marketing include web traffic, sales lead quality, social media sharing, sales lead quantity, direct sales, qualitative customer feedback, and SEO tracking.

Everything is not smooth sailing for B2B marketers; they face adversities in the form of producing engaging content and variety of content, and lack of budget. The biggest challenge of B2B content marketers is producing enough content.

Now that you have a grasp of B2B marketing, check out the infographic by Clearpoint Agency.

social media marketing for b2b companies

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