Is Social Media Marketing Course Worth It? 

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Social media marketing started as a way for businesses to share their content to generate traffic to their sites. Their main goal was to boost sales. 

But its role matured. Many companies are using it in various ways, rather than just broadcasting content. 

Businesses know the value of social media marketing. But some of them falter. 

One reason is that they lack strategy. That’s why they invest more to train their staff on how to tackle social media marketing properly

To succeed in social media marketing, you need to stay current. And one way to keep updated is to obtain a certification program by enrolling in a social media marketing course. 

This course is especially vital if you started your marketing career in the traditional marketing industry. To become a strong social media marketer, you need a wide range of skills. 

Achieving a set of skills can be tough. And this is where getting a digital marketing course becomes useful. 

As long as you choose the right course, you can learn and develop a full strategy, learn how to use paid ads, and read Analytics, among others. 

Indeed, a course that teaches you how to use social media marketing properly can help you improve your skillset. 

But is it worth your time and money in 2021? 

Yes. It’s worth your time and money, only if you choose the right course. 

One reason is that employers are investing a lot of their resources just to find the right marketing professionals who can do more than just basic social media marketing. 

Furthermore, they require candidates to obtain social media marketing courses. 

But in many cases, employers put more emphasis on the results you can provide than your education. 

Even if you work as a freelance social media marketer, you can attract more clients if you can provide proof you completed a digital or social media marketing course. 

When It’s Not Worth Your Time to Take Up Social Media Marketing Course? 

Not all courses are created equal. Some of them may not meet your expectations. 

You’ll find courses that contain five-year-old materials. Keep in mind that the world of social media marketing changes constantly. Trends and platforms change quickly. 

That’s why it’s not worth your time signing up for a class that consists of five-year-old material. 

However, even if you take up an updated, cutting-edge course, the course will quickly go outdated because of the ever-changing algorithm of social media sites. 

Furthermore, it’s better to obtain your certifications from tech companies with solid credentials in this space. 

Here’s the truth. 

Most of the courses on Udemy, Skillshare, and other online learning and teaching marketplaces are mediocre. You can find the same strategies they teach you for free on YouTube. 

That’s why you must research the reputation of the provider. 

The good thing is that on Udemy, you can enroll in one class and ask for a refund if the course didn’t meet your expectations. 

What Social Media Marketing Courses to Enroll? 

Hubspot’s Certification

HubSpot is known in the digital marketing space. It offers free social media certification

The program is robust that aims to help you learn the best ways to attract customers and partners. The course is flexible so it can easily fit your busy schedule. 

Apart from learning the type of social media content to publish, you can also learn how to measure your ROI, listen to social media, avoid social media marketing mistakes, etc. 

Besides the social media marketing course, you may also consider taking up digital marketing. 

Digital marketing and social media marketing have different components. 

But the latter is part of the former. 

Social media marketing is limited to social media platforms. Digital marketing, on the other hand, includes all types of marketing digitally. 

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing 

And if you’re planning to enroll in a digital marketing course, you can’t go wrong with the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing by Google

It’s a free course with 26 modules. It only takes 40 minutes to complete it. 

However, if you want an advanced course, it’s not for you. But if you want a digital certification certificate, this course can give you one after completing it. 

Building a Strong eCommerce Approach 

If you’re planning to establish an eCommerce site as your side hustle, you may wish to enroll in this course that offers a diploma in eBusiness. 

It’s a free course that teaches you strategies that you can implement to have a successful business. 

The course is 10 hours. Here, you’ll know how to integrate keywords in your social media and create a successful online marketing plan. 

SEO Courses 

It’s always best to pair social media marketing with SEO. That’s why taking up SEO courses is also vital to boost your skills. 

You can find various SEO certificate courses that can help you improve your understanding of overall search marketing. Use that understanding to develop an effective strategy. 

Neil Patel offers SEO courses. But they are only available once a year and for a limited number of people. Plus, his courses aren’t free. 

If you’re willing to shell out at least $2300 for an SEO course, you may try Brian Dean’s SEO program. But, just like Neil’s program, Brian’s course is only available for a limited number of people and he only opens it once a year. 

However, you can find most of the materials on Neil’s and Brian’s YouTube videos.

Implement the Strategies 

After completing any course in social media marketing, you need to implement the strategies. It’s pointless to enroll in one course if you don’t execute the things you learned. 

And that’s the most difficult part. The execution. No matter how advanced the course is, if you don’t know how to execute the strategies properly, you’ll still fail. 

Social media marketing is tricky. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy. When you finish one course, try applying the strategies and find out which one works well for your niche or business. 

Any legitimate social media marketing courses can help you create a plan and optimize it for ongoing success. A great course will teach you how to develop a comprehensive plan that aligns with your goals.

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Author: Jane Danes

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