Social Media and Customer Acquisition

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If you just started a small business, you’re probably wondering how you can use social media to connect and acquire customers. Social media is known for helping businesses improve brand awareness, but one of the ways to assure that your random Twitter followers or Facebook fans will eventually become customers is when you create and share meaningful content.

Rashida Maples, in an article for the Chicago Defender, shares 5 ways to make your social media a source of income.

1. Know your target market.

Social media sites allow you to connect with the followers or friends of your current contacts. You can use this to your advantage; focusing on this group of users because you can easily reach them, and doing some research about what they like, and if that matches with the products or services you are currently offering or will soon be launching.

When you are able to figure out what your exact demographic is, that can go a long way into interacting with the people who are really interested in purchasing from you.

Tips on how you can use social media to convert your fans, followers, and subscribers into customers. (Image: 10ch (CC) via Flickr)

Tips on how you can use social media to convert your fans, followers, and subscribers into customers. (Image: 10ch (CC) via Flickr)

2. Make your posts interesting and relevant

Your social media page should be interesting enough for customers to stay. To draw their attention, your page should contain all relevant information that your customers need when it comes to helping them know what your products and services are, how they can contact you, and all other important details.

You should ensure that the quality of the content that you put up is high. Not only that, they should draw attention by being eye catching and interesting to the consumers. Otherwise, your social media visitors won’t have enough reason to stay longer on the site and engage with your posts.

As long as you regularly update your social media page, and provide neat, creative and relevant posts, you well get lots and lots of potential customers through your social media efforts.

3. Post unique content

Be unique and post social media content that your competitors are unaware of. When you do this, you set yourself apart from everyone else, and customers are practically forced to go directly to your page to see your unique posts. When you can provide your customers with exclusive content, you can get them interested in your social media page and what products and services you have to offer.

4. You can outsource social media management

As a business owner, you don’t have to be the sole manager of your social media accounts. You don’t have to be the one regularly posting content, and responding to consumer comments. You can outsource this to other people.

However, there are some disadvantages associated with outsourcing your social media management. For one, your posts might lose its legitimacy when you let others control your social media page. That’s because your business has a style and voice that is hard to imitate. Another disadvantage is the response rate becomes slower. When a customer has a serious query that he or she puts up in your social media page, you can’t read and respond to that concern immediately, as it has to go through the intermediary agency or consultant you hired to manage your accounts.

Still, the advantages to outsourcing your social media include the following. First, you can save time to do other stuff related to your business. This is especially helpful when you are an owner of a small business, because your role extends across all parts of your company.

Second, these social media consultants are professionals in the field of marketing, so that you can learn a lot from them and apply this new knowledge to further improving your business. Finally, outsourcing allows you to gain manpower immediately.

5. Social media for marketing research

Using your social media page, you can prompt your customers and followers to talk about what they need you to do to improve your company, your brand, and the products or services you offer.

Social media platforms provide you with opportunities to gain insights about the latest trends, letting you know what your customers are currently talking about. You can use Twitter, for example, to look up hashtags that are connected to your business, products or services.

Unlike traditional methods of market research,, like study groups or surveys, research through social media can be performed in just a few minutes or hours because of its real-time aspects. Furthermore, preparing for traditional research methods can take months, which can possibly only give your company outmoded information because the trends have changed over that period of time.

Finally, since social media is becoming more and more popular with consumers and businesses, conducting market research through this media is a must. You can study an audience through this channel which is much bigger and more diverse in terms of demographics than almost all other media sources. Moreover, social media users are comfortable sharing personal information, and information that your company will likely find to be valuable, precise and authentic.


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