Social Media And Content Marketing Generate More Leads For Brands [INFOGRAPHIC]

A brand or company receives 55 percent more inbound traffic through blogging compared to businesses that do not blog.

Folks at Wishpond, a website dedicated to social media marketing, have released an infographic to highlight the rapid rate that content marketing has turned into a regular marketing tool over the past few years, with most content marketing budgets at an average 25 percent of the total marketing budget.

According to data from Salesforce, an industry leader in customer relationship management (CRM) software and cloud computing, 2013 will see $118.4 billion spent on content marketing, social media and blogs, and video marketing.

The infographic shows the large influence of content marketing on the way consumers interact with companies. About 68 percent of consumers now spend time to read content from brands they have an interest in.

From 2011 to 2012, content optimized for mobile devices more than doubled, from 15 percent to 33 percent.

This year social media and blogs have reached 80 percent of all Internet users in the United States, as 90 percent of organizations market with content. To take advantage of content marketing, brands and companies use articles with images to receive 94 percent more views than regular content without it.

Social media and blogs account for 23 percent of total time spent online. In addition, 90 percent of consumers agree that custom content is more useful than generic articles.

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social media and blogs generate more leads for brands

Author: Francis Rey

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