Social Media Affects Customers Buying Decision: What To Do About It?

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Social Media Affects Customers Buying Decision: What To Do About It?


The number of people making purchases online is growing. More people are using their mobile devices to do their shopping. To help with their purchasing decisions, 74% of consumers are depending on social networks. 

In a Hubspot report, 71% of consumers have higher chances of making purchases according to social media referrals. The majority of people also discover products through social media, particularly Instagram; while others utilize Facebook to explore new products. 

But 82% of consumers have not used a social buy button to make a purchase. These people have security and privacy issues. 

For apparel buying, most consumers would visit a physical store, instead of purchasing them online. They cited that they want the clothes to fit, try on clothes or see the item in person. Some also want to avoid shipping costs. 

Maximizing the Potential of Social Media 

You can boost online sales through social media. Here are some ways to do it. 

But first, you need to know your audience. You must understand your target audience and the platform they are using. 

When you know where they are, you can post your brand message on those platforms. In other words, go where your potential clients are. If you are targeting individuals who are over 35, then Instagram is not the right platform for you. 

Rather, choose Twitter or Facebook. Twitter is a popular tool for individuals to recommend brands. You may also try Pinterest. 

Use Social Influencer Marketing 

The majority of people on social media trust influencers. In that case, you may wish to use social influencers that create content similar to your brand. This type of marketing can boost visibility that can lead to sales. 

If you wish to utilize this method, though, you must find influencers in your niche. But make sure that you are not using fake social media influencers. 

To spot these fake influencers, explore their number of followers or engagement. If there is a significant spike in engagement overnight or a short period, then it can be a sign that such an influencer is fake. 

You should also look at engagement. Find out if there are excessive redundant comments on most photos. 

Choose Paid Ads 

It is not enough to post regularly on social media. The reason for this is that organic reach is continuing to drop. Thus, You need to incorporate paid ads to your campaign. Maximize it to reach your audience. 

Facebook offers extensive targeting tools that can help you create a successful campaign. You may use boost tools to amplify your posts. 

Are there Signs of Slowing Down? 

Many people are still using social media. But a third of millennials deleted their social media accounts permanently. These people loathe the fact that their data are being stored or sold to advertisers directly. 

Some millennials are also annoyed that their social media feeds are filled with brands. As a result, more than half of them reduce their social media use. 

Thus, make sure that your brand’s message on social media is not generic. You should find unobtrusive ways to get your message and reach the right audience.

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Author: Jane Danes

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