How Social Customer Service Affects Marketing and Building Followers [INFOGRAPHIC]

More and more companies and organizations are turning to social media when it comes to handling business relationships with customers. Still, regardless of how important this relation between marketing and building loyal customers, it requires best practices for social customer service. Is your company well prepared to do it?

In terms of dealing with customer relationships, several businesses still overlook an excellent opportunity: social media. As the number of customers turning to Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms keeps on rising, brands have to make the most of this prospect and listen to feedback because it will benefit them in due course.

Tech-savvy consumers are turning to the Internet, specifically social media, when they encounter a problem or a hitch. A company’s ability to handle successfully customer service through social platforms can transform complaints into revenue, sooner than later. In addition, the company builds brand loyalty and turns users into supporters by making the most of social engagement.

The advantages of quick response times, its impact on brand engagement for customers, and the manner the brand builds a remarkable social customer service will keep customers returning for more relevant content, and most likely share their great experience with family and friends.

When it comes to response time, 71 percent of online customers are eager to receive immediate help in less than 5 minutes of reaching out or engaging with a company. If the company fails to respond or assist, 48 percent of those online customers instantly leave the webpage. If the company provides good customer service through social media, however, those customers are highly likely to spend 21 percent more on the webpage. Moreover, 71 percent of customers who will receive a positive social customer service are highly likely to recommend the company, whereas 19 percent will still vouch for it despite the lack of attention.

In regard to the best practices for social customer service, here are a few pointers for a company’s Facebook page:

– Highlight the business hours

– Present a summary on behavior or page rules for comments and other concerns

– Show the company’s other contact channels

– Link to the company’s other Facebook pages for various languages or regions worldwide

– Allow or enable the ability to respond to some comments

If your company still has doubts whether or not to communicate with customers through Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms, take a good look at this infographic by social referral software developer Ambassador on the facts about social customer service.

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