Snap’s Dynamic Ads rolls out to companies globally

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Companies around the world will now have access to Snap’s automated advertising also known as Dynamic Ads. This move will make it easier for both retailers and brands to sell products to relevant consumers through the Snapchat app.

Businesses through Snap’s Dynamic Product Ads [DPAs] will be able to upload their catalog to Snap before products are then automatically put into a template and shown to target users within the app. Ads will automatically be updated in real-time when the price or availability of a product changes.

Dynamic Ads was previously only available to users in the US, but today’s wider roll out means everyone can now access it. Advertisers do not need to spend time manually when creating their ads to fit Snapchat’s vertical format. Their product catalog will now be synchronized with the ephemeral picture sharing service where their ads will now be built in real-time.

About a year ago, Snapchat launched a new ad creating tool that keeps both new and existing advertisers happy. The tool “Instant Create” offers three easy steps to creating new ads on the platform—and I am sure advertisers would like it.

Instant Create provides advertisers who have very limited resources a way to quickly get started. The end result of course, is that they would be able to reach a highly engaged audience that will impact positively on the growth of their businesses with Snapchat.

Your options when creating a campaign include choosing Instant Create or Advanced Create. Advanced Create is a tool that allows you to create multiple Ads Sets, while Instant Create is a simplified way of creating a campaign with a single Ad.

Back in November, Snapchat launched Mix and Match feature that allows you to select clothing items on Bitmojis or the virtual avatars. What that means is that you can customize the colors of tops, bottoms, footwear, socks, and outerwear of your Bitmoji. All created custom outfits can be stored in your closet that can be equipped any time in the future. At the moment, there are about a billion options of items that you can choose from, and this is expected to rise as time goes on.

Inside the Bitmoji app, you will find new icons for all clothing items that allow you to customize your outfits. This can be done by tapping the fashion icons that opens the “Avatar Designer.” You can also customize your outfits within the Snapchat app—simply tap on your profile icon where you will find “Change Outfit” inside the Bitmoji option. This will open the “Avatar Designer” from where you can continue to tweak your favorite outfits.

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Author: Ola Ric

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