Snapchat’s short-form video feed Spotlight copies TikTok

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Facebook infamously copied the Snapchat’s Stories feature. Now the latter is taking a page from former through a new feature called Spotlight.

Snapchat has launched Spotlight to replicate TikTok. It aims to gain traction via a tailored feed of short-form videos.

Snap is using its collection of Snaps to recreate the TikTok experience.

Here’s what Snapchat’s Spotlight feed of short videos looks like…

— Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra) November 21, 2020

The Spotlight feed supports public and private Snap accounts. And you can submit your videos directly to the feed for review.

Snapchat Spotlight

The GIF above shows the Spotlight feed in a new fifth tab in Snapchat app. You can access Spotlight by tapping the play button at the bottom right.

Spotlight is Snap’s way of challenging the rise of TikTok. And it wants to take things up a notch.

The company is offering a million dollars per day in funding. The best Spotlight clips will receive monetary rewards. And the winners will be chosen on view counts and factors considered by the Snapchat team. 

TikTok also has a Creator Fund. It entices creators to keep posting viral videos.

With the holidays looming, Spotlight arrives in time for Snapchat to refresh with a new boost.

Will Snapchat users welcome the new function and stay, rather than jump to TikTok?

Spotlight will rank each clip based on engagement, a similar algorithm that TikTok uses on its platform.

Snapchat says its clips will base on the following:

  • Total views
  • View time (from start to finish)
  • Favorites and Shares

Like TikTok, Snapchat will use specific indicators to fit the feed to each person’s interest.

Snapchat has released guidelines  for Spotlight clips:

Be Creative

  • Snaps should be vertical videos with sound ? Still-image photos, horizontal Snaps, blurry Snaps, and text-only Snaps won’t show up in Spotlight.
  • Add a #topic on the Send To page so others can join in or explore more Snaps like yours. 
  • Highlight your creativity and make every second count ⏰
    • Note: Snaps can be up to 60 seconds long.
  • Use Creative Tools like captions, Sounds, Lenses or GIFs to make your Snaps stand out ?;
  • Snaps from your Camera Roll or Memories are allowed, but keep in mind we want to see your best stuff — and we may limit how many Snaps you can submit to Spotlight within a certain window of time. So pick your favorites! 

Avoid Copyright Infringement

  • Only post your own original content.
  • Use music from our licensed library. Learn more about Sounds.
  • Don’t infringe on the rights of others. We promptly remove infringing material reported to us by rightsholders.

Stay Safe

  • In addition to abiding by our Community Guidelines, keep your Spotlight submissions appropriate for a 13+ audience. 
  • Gambling, tobacco, weapons, controlled substances, and excessive or underage alcohol consumption are not allowed. 
  • Don’t try to deceive people, especially when it comes to money, science, health, politics, or your identity (impressions are okay, if they’re good ?)

Don’t Solicit

At first impression, Spotlight seems far from becoming a major contender for TikTok. But it may not need to to be successful.

Snapchat’s Spotlight is now available, on both iOS and Android, in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany and France. It’ll be made available in more regions shortly.

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