Snapchat’s Director Mode is now broadly accessible to all users

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Snapchat has now widely rolled out its Director Mode. The feature is now more broadly available to more users after it was previewed at its Partner Summit earlier in the year. The advanced video creation process is now accessible to all iOS  users of Snapchat, with the Android version set for release later.

Creators can use the new Dual Camera functionality that lets them use the front-facing and back-facing camera simultaneously within the Director Mode. According to Snapchat, this will be a “game-changer for creators capturing moments around them. For the first time without any special camera tricks or secondary apps, creators can capture their reaction and their 360 perspective.”

It is now easier to seamlessly transform the background of your videos on Snapchat with Green Screen mode, while Snapchat’s Quick Edit tool allows you to take and edit together multiple Snaps with ease.

You can find the Director Mode icon in the camera toolbar or tap the “Create” button in Spotlight to get started.

Unto some other related stories, Snapchat has launched a new set of Halloween Lenses and Bitmoji features for users. The lenses and Bitmoji feature will help you get in the groove of the season, and help you catch some fun while doing so.

Some of the lenses launched on this week include Rune Room, and Spooky Pet, which can transform your pet into a ghost-like apparition. Aside from those two, there are lots of Halloween lenses to explore during the season.

Snapchat also added five new Bitmoji costumes, including a cheerleader, cat burglar, a devil catsuit, a superhero, and an 80s aerobics instructor.

For a limited time only, secure Fantasy Wings for your Bitmoji, which are exclusively available on Snapchat until November 1. Or, if dressing up isn’t for you, choose from three new festive Halloween t-shirts, including two spooky graphic tees and one that simply reads ‘This is my Costume.”

Like Snap announced, the Bitmoji is only available for a limited time; so, you have to hurry up before November 1.

Snapchat recently launched a new AR-inspired way to let you try on and purchase Halloween costumes directly within the app. Going forward, Snapchat users can try on and buy Halloween costumes of popular TV and movie characters from “Harry Potter” series, “Minecraft,” “Stranger Things,” and more.

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