Snapchat users on iOS can now add sounds to Snaps

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Image Credit: Snapchat

Snapchat may be as commanding in the market as it was back in the years; the app still appeals to millions of loyal users who will be impressed with the latest news. The image-sharing app has just added a feature that allows you to add songs to snap.

Per The Verge, iOS users around the world will be able to add music to Snaps the same way users on Instagram have been doing in Stories. The feature is not particularly a new one as it is already being used in Switzerland and Australia since around August. 

Also announced alongside the roll out, Snap said a new feature that allows people to make their own sound is being worked on and will become available in the coming months.

When you receive a snap that comes with a sound, you can then swipe up to view the album art, songs title, and name of the artist. You can also tap the “Play This Song” link to listen to the song in full on other streaming sites like SoundCloud, Apple Music, and Spotify.

A couple of months ago, Snapchat launched an in-app voice assistant powered by SoundHound. Though details are still sketchy, the new lens-based functionality allows you to trigger filters like “Hey Snapchat, make my hair pink.”

A promo video made available by the company for its AR-based upgrades showed that you will be able to activate a “Lens Voice Scan” to apply some Lenses. A woman was seen in the demo asking Snapchat to turn her hair pink, and that was exactly what happened. In another example, the lady in the demo asked Snapchat to give her a hug, and the bear immediately appeared to give her a hug.

The unveiling of the new feature was announced at Snapchat’s Snap Partner Summit. Among other things, the ephemeral-picture sharing app also announced a couple of new changes for its Snapchat app. The navigation bar is now spotting a new action bar at the bottom of the app that allows you to access Snap Map and Snap Originals in just a single tap.

Snap Map, per TechCrunch, is also not left out of the big change—some brand new features are now being added to bring it at par with Google Maps. A new banner called ‘Happening Now;’ but is currently only available to users in the US. The banner features a curated selection of stories at the top of the Discover tab.

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