Snapchat users don’t pay attention to ads according to survey

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Also Snapchat appeals more to millennials and many adults believe that the app is just a fad




Snapchat is going public in March and it seems that the social media platform wants every possible ally on its side. So, the firm Fluent decided to ask over 3.000 Americas about Snapchat and find out more about the app and maybe shed some light regarding the concerns of the financial community and the company’s recent IPO.

One of the most interesting founding is that 48% of adults believe that Snapchat is a fad and 52% think that the app is here for good. On the other hand if a similar app appears then 62% of the users will prefer the new one.

Let’s not forget that the app is mostly used by young people (18-24). They claim that as they get older they will stop using the app.

And speaking for the millennials most of them don’t bother to check out the ads. According to the survey “69% of all users say they skip ads on Snapchat “always” or “often”, and that number is actually 80% amongst those most sought after, hardest to reach 18 – 24 year olds.” This is not good news for the advertisers since they reach out to Snapchat to target younger audience.

Another interesting fact is that users don’t even spend time to read the news from more well-known media outlets. For example 61% don’t follow any news organizations (like CNN, New York Times), 50% don’t seem to be into sports (ESPN, NFL) and 57% don’t care reading about the latest celebrity gossip (E!, DailyMail).

Fluent CMO Jordan Cohen told Digiday about the app and its users:

“I asked lots of millennials this question. It’s really about exclusive short, fun content. In addition to communicating with friends, they follow celebrities. They don’t really engage with ads or mainstream news outlets.”

But Instagram Stories seems to be more popular with “Branded content” that Snapchat. Ages from 25 to 44 are more favorable towards Instagram Stories. And that is a hit below the belt. Instagram found a way to use their philosophy on social media and reach more engagement when it comes to ads.

Overall the survey didn’t do any favors for the famous platform. But March is very close and the company rallies to gather more ads and increase its users. Will they succeed?

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Author: Martha Papadimitriou

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