Snapchat users can now build their very own face filters

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Four months ago, Snapchat launched its Lens Studio; and augmented reality developer platform. Things have moved really fast since then, and the ephemeral photo sharing app has announced a new way for users to build their very own face filters.

The Snapchat Lens Studio is a self-serve platform that allows developers and creators its augmented reality tools. It has among its marketing partners seven companies that include Avatar Labs, North Kingdom, MediaMonks, and Fishermen Labs, among others, to make augmented reality ads for brands.

Like I said earlier, things have moved really quickly and a new update to Lens Studio will let users build their own face filters—and it is the first time this will be happening.

Snapchat is releasing seven new templates into the Lens Studio that will let creators to build digital masks, reports The Verge. Creators will have the opportunity to import their artwork, build their experience, and best of all, publish and promote their lenses with a unique Snapcode and Lens link.

Reward for Top Creators

Snap has also announced rewards for top creators called the Official Creator Program. The company says it will reward top creators with extra promotion, technical support, and early access to new features and templates.

All seven new templates released into the Lens Studio by Snap include:

Face Paint: This is perfect for Lenses that show off makeup, costumes, and accessories. It will also focus on Face substitution, mapping a face to create art that is tied to facial structure.

Photo: Just like Face Paint, this template requires you to have a single head-on photo of your face creation.

Distort: Just the template you need if you want to show your friends how wacky you can be.

Baseball Cap: This template lets you make some minor changes to your baseball cap to change the style, color and even customize it to suit your taste.

Other templates released include Trigger, 2D Objects, and 3D Objects.


Last September, Snapchat introduced animated Bitmoji to World Lenses. It means you can take avatars of yourself and have them dropped straight into your surroundings.

Snap made all the elements available to users at launch with a Bitmoji app linked to Snapchat on both iOS and Android. You can unlock the World Lenses by simply scrolling through the lens carousal on the rea-facing your Snapchat camera. That is where the real fun kicks off; the 3D Bitmojis take over your screen with an icon representing each of the settings. Point your Snapchat camera at a surface to place your Bitmoji and experience live animation with a brief scene.

You can control the animated scenes by moving, walking, or scaling around the 3D experiences. Snapchat also allows you to share your footage with friends or if you like, post them to your story.

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