Snapchat to push ecommerce with new Bitmoji fashion

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Snapchat will expand its push towards ecommerce. It is set to provide new clothes for Bitmoji characters that users can choose from.

You can get to dress up your Bitmoji avatar with the latest fashion items from various retailers.

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Hints of the coming changes leaked from a patent filed by Snap. It specifies how the whole thing will work.

Snap will team up with fashion retailers to deliver Bitmoji versions of their items. Then it will show new clothing options for your avatar in the app. And it will give brands the chance to highlight their new products interactively. 

snapchat bitmoji

The update will build on the company’s first steps into Bitmoji fashion. It has already partnered with Ralph Lauren and Jordan through their engaging outfits.

Snapchat announced last month a new partnership with Levi’s. It gives you the option to dress up your Bitmoji avatar in classic Levi’s attires.

snapchat bitmoji

Makes sense

Snap’s decision to expand its Bitmoji clothing options is sensible. It will turn Snapchat users into virtual ad space for these brands. And they will showcase their products to friends and their networks in the app.

The social media company has wanted to shift into ecommerce. It looks to capitalize on its revenue potential and tap the rising trend of online shopping.

Snap introduced in June last year its first shoppable Snap Original shows. And it has been working with other brands on ecommerce additions, such as AR try-on options, and scannable barcodes and logos. 

As Facebook and its subsidiary Instagram make their own push towards ecommerce, Snap must follow suit. And these new starts will alter consumer habits eventually.

Consumers will expect to buy what they see in images and videos found or shared on their social feeds.

If Snap can come into terms with the social shift, it will reap the benefits. It will maximize its promos and offer entertaining, engaging tools to expand ecommerce among its users.

The Snapchat Bitmoji is the right medium. An estimated 70% of the app’s users engage regularly through their Bitmoji character by some means.

The engagement level might reach new heights, with substantial ad potential for retailers. It all depends if Snapchat can effectively expand its collection of brands that contribute to its wardrobe for Bitmojis.

Although an indirect promotional option for real-life items, you will find a potential in Bitmoji fashion as a channel to promote your brand and its affiliation. And many people use their Bitmoji avatars to express a vision they would like to project about themselves.

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