Snapchat To add edit feature for chats

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Finally, Snapchat has joined the league of social media apps with an edit feature. Users on the platform can now edit their chats. The edit feature, however, will only be available to Snapchat+ subscribers, the company said.

Snapchat+ users will be able to edit their messages within a five-minute window to fix typos and other issues related to their chats. Edited messages will have a label indicating the text has been changed.

Although Snapchat has not announced a specific release date, Engadget reports that the feature will soon be available.

Snapchat+ is a paid subscription service that users can access for $3.99 per month. You can access early-access and exclusive features by subscribing to this optional service.

Snapchat+ is for people who spend most of their timecommunicating with their closest friends on Snap,” The Verge reports, quoting Snap’s SVP of Product, Jacob Andreou, when the product was launched in 2022. In doing so, the business would be expanding its revenue-generating activities beyond advertising for the first time.

The advertisements on Snapchat+ will not be disabled; in fact, according to Snap, there are no intentions to remove them. Explaining further to The Verge, Andreou said, “Ads are going to be at the core of our business model for the long term.” So, paying $3.99 a month will not prevent you from seeing those ads.

Snap hopes to increase its revenue base through paid subscriptions, just like the majority of social networks. In 2021, X (then Twitter) rolled out its paid subscription service called Twitter Blue in Australia. The company then expanded it to other countries like Canada, the US, and New Zealand.

Snap explained at the time that the new product would give users early access to experimental features like exclusive icons and pinning certain conversations.

Some of the features that were launched along with the product at the time include, display a badge in your profile, see your friends’ whereabouts in the last 24 hours [only possible when location is turned on], see how many friends have rewatched your story, see your orbit with BFF, and a couple of others.

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