Snapchat tests Dark Mode

Dark mode buffs must be looking forward to this.

Snapchat has confirmed a new dark mode option is underway. It now joins almost all apps with a lowlight option. And a small percentage of users have been chosen to test it.

snapchat dark mode

Appleosophy shared these screenshots showing a sample of the setting in Snapchat.

A new ‘App appearance’ section appears under app settings. This option allows you to choose if you want your app to align with your device settings.

You can decide if you want to switch it on during specific times of the day or turn it on all the time for Snapchat.

Only a chosen few have it available for now, so you may not see it on your device yet.

It appears Snapchat has moved into the live test phase, so it may be coming soon. And a wider rollout seems looming soon.

Snapchat is among the big social networking apps to add dark mode. They started making the option available after the updates to iOS 13 and Android 10, as these versions makes it easier to switch to dark mode. has added dark mode across its apps. Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, and Reddit also have the setting. LinkedIn’s option is underway as well. The lowlight option has avid followers. And some users are keen to have the alternative theme—a different perspective.

Is there a benefit to having the option?

Dark mode limits the use of blue light.

Blue light improves readability in daylight. But in lowlight conditions, blue light caused your brain to stop creating melatonin. It leads to disrupted sleep cycles, so you have a harder time to fall and stay asleep.

With many people checking their phones before retiring at night, this is a major health concern.

Research shows that the percentage of adults who get less than six hours sleep per night has risen by 31 percent since 1985. 

We’ll update you once the option is made available for everyone.

Author: Francis Rey

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