Snapchat shares how AR has improved the shopping experience [INFOGRAPHIC]

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We know that VR is the future of digital technology. It will help us manage the metaverse and its more immersive digital experiences. But AR also plays an increasing key part in advancing consumer and brand connection. We already have many AR tools changing how ecommerce is done nowadays. It opens new ways for customers to test products and get a better sense of what they are purchasing online.

With the rapid development of AR glasses, the technology will only become more significant in the future. It open new opportunities to connect with other people through digital information daily.

All things considered, read the infographic below and see how AR may help you with your campaign. The infographic looks at the rising role of AR in shopping.

“AR ads play a unique role in each phase of the purchase journey. Marketers shouldn’t think of AR as an add-on, but instead an always-on tool to build and amplify messaging,” says Snap.

Here are a few examples and stats. You may also check out the full infographic below.

You can also dig deeper and learn more about AR development via Snap’s Lens Studio tools.

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Author: Francis Rey

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