Snapchat redesigned Stories page aimed at boosting views of publishers’ content

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Snapchat Redesign

Snapchat recently passed Twitter in terms of user base—and of course, that indicates that the photo app is on the up. With that achievement, the company obviously wants to try out more innovative ideas in order sustain its new status.

On Tuesday, Snapchat introduced its redesigned Stories page in an effort to boost views for publishers and brands. The new design will enable publishers’ and brands’ content to reach more audience. Also, the new design, which has already gone live on Tuesday, include an image and a headline to promote each day’s story.

Media brands are expected to sell ads against their content as part of a revenue-sharing program in exchange for reaching millions of daily views. The problem for some publishers, who have voiced their frustration at not being able to reach as many audiences as possible, is that people normally use Snapchat app to communicate.

Snapchat’s Discover and Live Story content now sits comfortably at the top of the page in a section that can be scrolled by users. It remains to be seen if this new design will be suitable to publishers and brand—but there are feelers that this might just be preferable to what existed before Tuesday’s changes. If publishers want Snapchat to boost their viewers—then that’s precisely what the company has done today with the latest designs.

It is not all about publishers alone though—more users will also be able to find the editorial channels easily with the merging of popular Live Stories with Discover. Again, publishers too will have the opportunity to sell ads on their channels, while Snapchat splits earnings with them.

Snapchat’s new Subscribe button

In a bid to drive more traffic to publishers’ channels, the company is also adding a “subscribe” button for its media partners. This will enable Snapchat’s media partners to grow their audiences, which is the same way it currently uses Twitter, Facebook and YouTube with followers and subscribers.

Subscription, according to Adweek, requires a user to press down a finger at the end of a story or daily edition when prompted to do so by the app. This will trigger future content to automatically be included under the Recent Updates section. Subscribers will now be able to subscribe to the channels they want to follow more closely. Clicking the subscribe button will ensure the channel always appear in your stories.

Snapchat reportedly has a daily active use of 150 million, which is a strong selling point for a company that boasts of about 20 publishers such as CNN, Hearst, IGN and Vox Media. These publishers produce daily custom content for Discover with Snapchat-exclusive resources and teams.

In five years, Snapchat has grown into one of the most used apps—though, most of those are young users who share pictures daily. A recent report revealed that users find Snapchat more fun to use than Twitter—which might just be the reason why it has surpassed the microblogging outfit in terms of user base.

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