Snapchat now with 397M daily active users

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The Q2 2023 performance report published by Snapchat reveals a notable surge in total users, particularly in developing markets.

Additionally, there are positive indications of Snap’s ad business rebounding, with a record number of ad partners who are experiencing enhanced optimization performance.

As for user growth, Snapchat registered a remarkable increase of 14 million daily active users (DAU) during Q2, bringing the total DAU count to 397 million.

snapchat q2 2023

Most of the growth still primarily stems from the ‘Rest of the World’ category. Snap recorded only a one-million-user increase in both North America and the EU, respectively.

However, Snap successfully added 12 million more users outside of its main markets, with a notable adoption rate in India. The app has found a receptive audience in India. It benefitted from the increasing mobile adoption and improving connectivity in the country.

Over the past year, Snap has seen significant growth with an addition of 40 million users in the ‘Rest of the World’ category. It also experienced a growth of 10 million users in the US and EU.

This trend bodes well for Snap’s prospects, even though the immediate revenue gains might not be as substantial.


snapchat q2 2023

The charts clearly illustrate that Snap’s average revenue per user (ARPU) is significantly lower in the bottom right category. Despite the increasing number of users, the revenue growth is not keeping pace at the same rate.

However, there are signs of recovery in Snap’s ad business, indicating some positive developments in that aspect.


snapchat q2 2023

In Q2, Snap’s total revenue surpassed one billion dollars, representing a 4% decrease compared to the previous year.

However, the company experienced a positive 8% increase in revenue compared to the previous quarter.

Snap acknowledges that it is still in the process of recovering from the effects of the dynamic digital ad market and the broader economic downturn.

Despite these challenges, the company reports improved performance in its ad tools, which has contributed to a steady uptake over time.  

“In Q2, we made progress toward improving results for advertisers through machine learning (ML) model updates and infrastructure improvements, new ways of measuring and optimizing advertising spend, and new leadership for our go-to-market efforts. We are pleased to see that this progress is beginning to translate into improved results with record active advertisers in Q2, up more than 20% year-over-year, and through improved advertiser retention compared to the same time period last year.”

Although more advertisers are increasingly using the app, the immediate financial impact on the company is not significant. Snap focuses on expanding its more advanced ad targeting tools and adapting its systems to comply with evolving privacy and data regulations.

While there is optimism for future success, Snapchat is still in the process of reviving its ad business.

However, the overall outlook remains positive, driven by the growing user base in developing markets and the increasing adoption of Snap’s improved ad offerings, which is expected to boost revenue in the long run.

One concern lies in the cost associated with generating that revenue, as Snap has experienced a surge in infrastructure spending. This increase in spending could be a temporary effect resulting from ongoing investments in platform improvements. It will likely yield more opportunities in the future.

Nonetheless, in the current quarter, this expenditure has impacted the company’s overall financial performance.

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