Snapchat Leak – New Features Added

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In a Snapchat leak, it revealed that the social networking app has new features that would include audio and video calling. Stickers within the chat interface have also been spotted.

Snapchat Leak - New Features Added

Snapchat Leak – New Features Added

If the company would roll out these updated codes and become available to a broader user base, the new features could transform the app into a more competitive mobile application than traditional message apps, like Facebook Messenger, WeChat, WhatsApple and Hangout.

The CEO of Snapchat said that he admired the Chinese messaging app, WeChat because of how it makes money through digital content, commerce, games and more. Now that Snapchat is backed by Alibaba, we can expect that the app will go in the same direction as the Asian messaging apps. This is something that integrating stickers into its chat interface could do.

The earlier experiment of the app for its in-app selfie lenses was shut down this month. This indicates that the company is still looking for other ways to improve their profit. For WeChat and Line, stickers are considered as a lucrative business allowing these apps to make millions, simply by selling stickers.

The inclusion of stickers, audio and video calling features to the chat interface could make Snapchat a better rival of the more popular mobile messaging apps today.

Currently, the app supports video chat. However, it’s quite difficult to use because you and your friend, for example, have to be present in the app all at the same time to start video chatting. This feature makes it less practical compared to the calling features of other messaging apps, like FaceTime and Skype.

In leaked screenshots, users can tap on new buttons to start an audio or a video call. The recipient can choose to ignore, listen to the call or just join the chat. There are indicators that will show if the a person is talking, watching or listening.

Switching over to a new interface would most likely remove some of the interesting elements of Snapchat. Remember that part of the app’s success came from its original yet confusing ideas on how to send and alter photos. Then, its current video chat interface is one of the quick and casual ways to start a video call or chat with your friends.

The new interface would remove those hurdles to including the most familiar features found in Facebook Messenger and other chat messaging platforms. In other words, you don’t have to be in Snapchat in order to receive an alert that you’re invited for a video chat or audio call.

If the company would indeed choose to switch to this new interface, it could mean that it’s giving up its character. But some users wouldn’t mind it as the new interface could be much easier to use with plenty of useful features than its old interface.

The official blog and Twitter account of Snapchat didn’t mention anything about the leak or the upcoming features of the app. Before these new features will roll out, however, we may see another update from this app. It would also change the demographics if these changes would be implemented to make the app more like a traditional communication tool.

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