Snapchat launches “Snap Publisher;” a new ad creation tool

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Snapchat has launched a new ad creation tool that is aimed at helping publishers create their own ads service, Variety reports. Named the Snap Publisher, the new tool will help advertisers to create their own ads.

The new toll offers potential advertisers various basic ad templates to choose from. Advertisers also have the chance to customize created ads with their company logos, videos and pictures.

Snapchat started testing Snap Publishers with a handful of users in the US, but Monday’s rollout of the tool is billed to serve the global audience. Businesses in global markets will now have access to the tool, and will be able to create ads that are suitable for their brands.

Snap Publisher is designed as a browser-based tool integrated into Snap’s ad manager. One of the biggest benefits of adding this tool is helping brands to convert horizontal video into vertical formats—and ultimately save cost in the process of doing so. Brands will also be able to enhance videos with text and animation, while websites can easily be turned into Snap Ads-vertical video slots.


In a nutshell, Snap Publisher is an interesting drag and drop tool that enables publishers design or create ads in multiple dimensions. It’s interesting to know that Snapchat isn’t going to sit back and allow Facebook relegate it to the back sit.

Earlier in the month, Snapchat launched “Paperclip,” a new tool that lets you attach a website to a Snap that friends can then swipe to open in the app’s internal browser. This is breaking free from tradition where only ad campaigns and Discover content could add links. To use the Paperclip feature, simply tap in the Vertical toolkit and add your link.

All links share by users must adhere to its terms of service, community guidelines, and privacy policy. The app will also issue warnings to users of malware, phishing scams and other potentially dangerous websites through its safety tools and Google’s Safe Browsing service. Users will also be able to have a preview of the links they intend to visit, which will be shown next to the swipe-up-arrow. Users will also be encouraged to report content regarded as inappropriate.

Another tool recently added by Snap is “Backdrops.” This tool lets you cut any object from your Snap and add some colorful or artsy pattern behind it to make it look unique and attractive. Simply tap the Scissors in the Vertical Toolkit, followed by the Backdrop icon. Finally, trace around the object, choose one of the numerous Backdrop designs that rotate daily to be able to highlight a section of your snap.

While Voice Filters,” another tool recently added by Snapchat, is a feature that lets you change the way your voice sounds in your snaps. This, as a matter of fact, is possible without the need for visual lens. Simply tap the speaker icon as soon as you are done with your recording, and choose from one of several characters.

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