Snapchat launches new aging filter

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Snapchat has added a new age-related filter to its impressive library. The new AR lens, according to The Verge, will let you “use a slider to begin a morphing from a toddler up to an elderly person.”

The new AR lens was rolled out to users a couple of days ago, and will be available from your lens carousal at the bottom of your camera interface. Snap is building upon the recent success it has achieved since its last efforts at giving users access to AR filters went viral last May.

A repeat of the success achieved by the baby filter, which attracted 7 to 9 million users to its platform, could help boost the platform’s profile especially in terms of user base.

In October, Snap launched a 3D Paint feature that lets you draw in AR. The feature allows you to draw in augmented reality. It can be used to draw your own face by simply using your phone’s front-facing camera. However, you can also use Paint with your rear-facing camera, which lets you draw on objects in the environment.

You can access the 3D Paint feature by hitting the Create button in the AR Bar, and then manually draw visuals on top of your face through the selfie camera. You can also draw atop whatever you see in front of you through the main rear-facing camera.

In August Snap announced the release of Spectacles 3, which comes with a new design of its popular AR sunglasses. The sunglasses, which is billed to hit site this November, will be available for $380, and features HD camera to create depth perception, as well as a sleek new design. At $380, Spectacles 3 is more expensive than its previous model, but of course, it comes with additional features that could sway the market in its favor.

While the HD camera and the sleek new design are quite appealing, especially to the fashion-conscious customers out there, the price may discourage some few ones as well. Of course, we know that patronage of Snap’s Spectacles spread across various age categories, yet high school and college students who form majority of the company’s user base may struggle to agree with that price. Spectacles 3 is a “limited edition launch,” according to Snap; and this more than explains why it is coming at a very high price. This again means the shades won’t be available for a lot of people.

Perhaps, the biggest selling point is the second camera feature that allows the shades to capture depth for the first time. The new set of 3D effects built into the spectacles possess the ability to take advantage of its new depth perception ability. This will be exclusive to Spectacles. However, Snap plans to allow third-party developers design depth effects towards the end of the year.

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