Snapchat is Now on Microsoft Store

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It would run through Microsoft Edge on Windows 10 and 11. 

Snapchat on the Windows Platform 

The instant messaging and photo-sharing app, Snapchat, has stayed away from the Windows platform. But things are changing now. The social media app is now available on Microsoft Store as a Progressive Web App. 

It would run through Microsoft Edge, according to Windows Central. 

For many years, Snapchat has snubbed the Windows-based ecosystem. It has supported every phone but not Windows and Windows phones. 

Snapchat appeared in the Microsoft Store this month. 

The app is the web version of Snapchat. It launched a few months ago. Because of how it is built, it only requires a tiny size of your system. To be exact, it needs a 1.4 MB space to install.

It also guarantees that it will be updated always. Because it works through ME, the system will treat it like a native app. In that case, it will appear in the Start Menu, notification support, etc. 

Users can download it from the Microsoft Store for free. 

Snap and Amazon

The social media platform has also partnered with Amazon. The goal is to provide users with an AR try-on experience. The e-commerce giant will offer Snap users the ability to try on eyewear styles digitally. 

The new collaboration will offer digitally try-on products from Oakley, Costa Del Mar, and Ray-Ban, among others. This feature will be available to the platform’s millions of daily active users. 

Snap’s new eyewear collection will include new Shopping Lenses and they are available across categories, such as reading glasses, sunglasses, and seasonal glasses. 

The social media platform has been investing in AR shopping. It has upgraded several features to appeal to retailers and brands.

Snap’s Stock Price

Last month, Snap stock fell as user growth slows. But things were not that bad. Analysts are saying that the decline in the price could be the result of overreaction. However, investors are less willing to assist with high valuations to Snap compared to two years ago. 

The company’s fundamentals are intact. The losses continue. Ads have become warier when it comes to the allocation of funds to social media. Advertisers are having second thoughts on the ROI from various mediums. They are asking whether or not it still makes sense to allocate their dollars at the same rate as they have in previous years. 

Although there’s slow growth in the US, the platform has experienced an increase in user growth from the rest of the world. However, these users are bringing in lower revenue. Then again, they can provide Snap a better growth and it may push growth for a longer time. 

The company also announced that it would lay off 20% of its staff as one of the strategies to restructure its business. The layoffs will affect inactive business divisions. The reduction in headcount would allow the company to focus on its main business. 

Snap’s future is steady. The macro headwinds are still affecting its stock price. But the fundamentals remain intact. 

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