Snapchat Introduces Birthday Lenses and Other Tricks

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Snapchat Introduces Birthday Lenses and Other Tricks

Snapchat Introduces Birthday Lenses and Other Tricks

Lenses could be fun and entertaining, especially if they’re included as part of your birthday wishes. After Facebook introduced its 15-second video for birthday occasion, the messaging app Snapchat has released its own way to allow users in celebrating birthdays in a more special, fun, and entertaining way.

Birthday Party Feature

On Tuesday, the ephemeral messaging app rolled out its Birthday Party feature. By clicking on this feature, it lets you unlock special lenses on your birthday and your fiends’ birthdays. But you can only enable it by going to its main settings found under the birthday menu. Then, set your birthday. Unfortunately, the app will only allow you to change your birthday a limited number of times.

By enabling the Birthday Party feature, a birthday cake icon should appear. Your friends will see it and know that it’s your very special day. Apart from it, they will also see some fun surprises.

There are two birthday lenses that you can see. One is the lens that you can only see on your birthday. The other one is a lens that you can use in wishing your friend a happy birthday. When your friend is celebrating his/her birthday, a birthday cake emoji appears. You can see it next to his/her username. Double tapping the birthday snap will open the camera to snap a photo of you and activate a birthday lens.

How to use Snapchat like a professional?

Besides Snapchat birthday lenses, Snapchat allows you to resurrect your old lenses.

How? You can do so by changing the date on your own smartphone. The apps does swap new lenses every day. However, you can revert to the previous ones that have already disappeared by simply changing the data in your own smartphone’s main settings.

Then, select the date when the lenses that you wish to use again were offered. But make sure that after changing the date solely for this purpose, you should change it back to automatic as wrong date can easily mess with the other apps’ settings.

This messaging app also allows you to use two filters at once. To do this, simply swipe over your photo. On your screen, hold it down with one finger. Then, with your other finger, swipe over the photo to add the second filter. You may need to try several times to position your fingers properly. However, the result is worth it as you can see two filters being used simultaneously.

Do you know how to secure your account with Snapchat? Hacking on social media accounts is rampant. If you wish to provide additional security to your account on Snapchat, make sure that you enable the two-step verification. Doing so will let you log in to your account after you’ve entered the right code sent to you through SMS.

Another trick that you can try with Snapchat besides the birthday message lens is that you can change the name of your friends so you can make sure that you recognized your contacts easily. You may also add an “a” before the names of friends that you communicate frequently. In this way, you don’t have to scroll down too deep just to send a snap.

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