Snapchat copies TikTok Duets in new Remix Snap option

Snapchat is testing a TikTok Duets-like feature with its new Remix Snap option for users.

remix snap tiktok duets

The screenshot posted by Alessandro Paluzzi shows the new feature in the response tools on each Snap. It lets users record their own Snap right next to the original as it plays. Then they can reply with their remix. And this is how TikTok Duets works.

The new feature is now in live testing. Users can control who can remix their Snaps. It has an option to tag other users in the original Snap. Then they can use your content.

remix snap tiktok duets

The remix mode allows users to choose how to display the remix. It comes with several playback options for the original and the remix including side-by-side, picture-in-picture, and top and bottom.

remix snap tiktok duets

Imitation has become a sign of praise in social media development. Top apps now replicate features from each other. And they all want to give their users popular options to improve their in-app experience.

For instance, Facebook-owned Instagram has been successful with the Stories format it copied from Snapchat.

If people like a competitor’s feature, why not develop one in your own app, right? It serves your users interests by providing tools in apps where they already have established networks.

Facebook continues to dominate the social space. So far, it has been difficult for other social networks to challenge its dominance.

Despite this, TikTok has shown that user interfaces and algorithms can still win. And Facebook competitors can still take a substantial piece of the pie. People are watching as TikTok braces itself to cross the billion-user mark later this year. And it still has room to expand worldwide.

Facebook is busy taking care of multiple antitrust issues. It means the social network Facebook has been using its market dominance to buy, if not crush, the competition. TikTok’s successful run opposes that trend.

For Snapchat, it competes directly with TikTok on the younger demographic. So, these copied features that have been making waves on TikTok will help. Snapchat has developed its own TikTok-like Spotlight short video feed. And it pays the top performers. It also tried a TikTok-like vertical feed interface to tap into the vertical trend. 

TikTok must be wary, as Snap continues to copy its popular features. If you have not considered TikTok in your marketing campaign yet, it may be time to change your mind. The big social networks are taking notice, so should you.

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