Snapchat Confirms That It Will Use iPhone 12 Pro LiDAR Sensor

Snapchat is one of the first third-party developers to use the scanner on iPhone 12 Pro models. 

On Tuesday, Apple introduced new iPhones. The iPhone 12 Pro starts at $999 while the Pro Max price tag starts at $1099. They are all 5G-ready devices. And each one sports a LiDar scanner. 

What is LiDar?

Apple explained that Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) scanner measures the distance to objects in the environment to create an accurate 3D depth map. The company said that it can measure up to 5 meters away. 

When it’s combined with a motion sensor and camera data, the scanner can give you a more detailed understanding of a scene. 

The biggest use of LiDAR is on augmented reality (AR). It lets instant object placement. Users don’t need to scan the environment before an AR app can load. 

Snapchat is Taking Advantage of LiDAR

According to TechCrunch, Snapchat confirms that it’s going to be one of the first to take advantage of this new technology on its iOS app. It announced that it’s going to make a Lens specific for iPhone 12 Pro devices. 

During the keynote on Tuesday, Apple previewed the new Snapchat capabilities. Later, Snapchat confirmed that the Lens introduced during the keynote are the same ones it’s going to launch this year. 

Snapchat didn’t elaborate on the details of the new Lens. But the presentation showed what LiDAR can do to enhance the AR experience on Snapchat. 

The LiDAR sensor can help in creating a depth map accurately. The result is a more accurate AR. 

Over the past month, Snapchat’s shares gained 11.73%. Investors hope for strength from Snap as it will release its next earnings release. 

Will Snapchat’s confirmation of its use of LiDAR in its new lens help its stock price? We’ll know in the next few weeks. 

Meanwhile, Apple’s announcement this morning finally answered all the questions about what Apple will introduce. And Apple did confirm that all of its new iPhones will have 5G capability.

The 5G capacity is one of the biggest selling points of the new iPhone. It uses new technology that can boost Internet speeds. With these new devices, you will experience faster downloads and uploads. 

And if you will use your iPhone 12 for streaming, you won’t have a problem streaming high-quality videos. Plus, the games will be more responsive. 

LiDAR feature is also a selling point, especially those who want to just use their phones and not their DSLR camera in shooting objects. 

MagSAFE is another consumer-friendly feature that you can look forward to the latest iPhone models. It helps in wirelessly charging your phone. 

However, the sales of these new phones may be affected because of the coronavirus pandemic. Many iPhone enthusiasts may not feel the need to upgrade to the latest iPhone considering that most of them are spending their time indoors. 

You can pre-order iPhone 12 Pro starting on Friday. The Pre-order of iPhone 12 Pro Max’s will be on November 6. But you can start purchasing it in stores on November 13.

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