Snapchat brings Animated Bitmoji to World Lenses

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Snapchat is bringing animated Bitmoji to World Lenses—and that is massive because it means you can take avatars of yourself and have them dropped straight into your surroundings, Variety reports.

Snap made all the elements available to users on Thursday with a Bitmoji app linked to Snapchat on both iOS and Android. You can unlock the World Lenses by simply scrolling through the lens carousal on the rea-facing your Snapchat camera. That’s where the real fun kicks off; the 3D Bitmojis take over your screen with an icon representing each of the settings. Point your Snapchat camera at a surface to place your bitmoji and experience live animation with a brief scene.

You can control the animated scenes by moving, walking, or scaling around the 3D experiences. Snapchat also allows you to share your footage with friends or if you like, post them to your story.

One more thing though, Snapchat has integrated the new animation into its recently launched multi-Snap feature that is available on iOS. What this means is that you can make recordings that last longer than the usual 10 seconds.

Snapchat is perhaps, interfacing with the real world—and that is something to cheer about; especially for users. A combination of Bitmoji and World Lens, Snapchat now allows you to do a lot of exciting things with your avatar.

Bitmoji and World Lens are a cool new addition for younger millennials considering how popular the ephemeral messaging app has turned out to be. A recent report revealed that the ephemeral messaging app remains the number one service among younger millennials aged 18 to 24 in the US.

Regardless of the report, Snapchat still has a lot of work to do if it wants to either catchup with Instagram or match its recent achievements.

Stories, a feature Instagram copied from Snapchat in 2016, recently announced that it has 250 million daily active users. This is impressive considering the fact that the company also recently announced that it had 200 million daily active users.

The announcement came at a time when Snapchat Stories recorded a sharp decline of 50 percent in terms of engagement when compared with the same period in 2016. “We saw a decline of 50 percent in average unique viewers per story from June 2016 to June 2017,” Delmondo CEO Nick Cicero said, per Yahoo.

On the other hand, this has led to a decline in Snapchat’s growth. Its monthly active user rate fell from 17.2 percent to 5 percent. Its share price also dropped from $17 to $13.

While Instagram experienced tremendous success with businesses on its platform because of Stories. In a released report, the company stated that more than 50 percent of brands published on Stories. Added to that positive news for the Facebook-owned app, every five Stories issued by a business, one of them gets a DM reply, which is another advertising opportunity.

Snapchat still has a lot of work to do; but adding animated Bitmoji to World Lens could help the ephemeral message sharing app shake off its recent disappointments and get back on track.

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