Snap introduces Snappables—new Lenses for playing augmented reality games with friends

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No dull moment when using Snapchat—especially with the introduction of “Snappables,” a new way to play augmented reality games with your friends. With Snappables, you will be able to play games through touch, motion, or facial expression.

Today, we’re introducing Snappables — new Lenses for playing augmented reality games with your friends! You can control Snappables using touch, motion, and even facial expressions, said Snap.

According to Wired, users can play basketball, add friends to a rock band, and challenge them to an emoji dance-off. The video above pretty much explains how to use Snappables, especially when it comes to adding friends and having fun. Every week, according to Snap, new Snappables will be released.

There are different types of Snappables; “some Snappables let you challenge friends to beat your high score, while others can invite them to multiplayer games!

Lately, Snapchat has been doing a lot to attract more users to its platform. This has become necessary considering how a survey revealed that 83 percent of users weren’t happy with the Snapchat redesign.

Only last week, the ephemeral picture sharing app announced a new way for users to build their very own face filters. The Snapchat Lens Studio is a self-serve platform that allows developers and creators its augmented reality tools. It has among its marketing partners seven companies that include Avatar Labs, North Kingdom, MediaMonks, and Fishermen Labs, among others, to make augmented reality ads for brands.

Snapchat is releasing seven new templates into the Lens Studio that will let creators to build digital masks. Creators will have the opportunity to import their artwork, build their experience, and best of all, publish and promote their lenses with a unique Snapcode and Lens link.

To encourage engagement on the platform, the company added some cool new features that could make observers start viewing it differently. By  adding a Group Video Calls and Mentions to its service, the company has opened a new way for people to keep using its services.

Group Video Calls does not need much introduction—it allows you to start a video call when you are a part of a group. Simply tap the video icon to start a video call. Once started, everyone will get a notification informing them the call has begun—and they can choose to join in the group video call or decline.

Group Video Calls allows up to 16 people to join in the call with their cameras on. As a matter of fact, the number doubles if some of your friends are willing to restrict their participation to voice only.

How you express yourself is up to you. You can use Lenses, join only with your voice, or simply send messages that others can read while they talk. Every conversation is unique!

Snapchat’s new video call feature will also allow you to use Lenses during calls to give yourself a different look altogether. The feature is being rolled out to all Snapchat users globally in the coming weeks.

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