Snap introduces ability to pose your Bitmoji avatar in 3D

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Snap has launched a new way to enable you pose your Bitmoji avatar on your Snapchat on 3D. The new functionality enables you to pick from more than 1,200 combinations of body poses, facial expressions, gestures, and backgrounds, the company said on Monday.

Since 2017, Bitmojis have been a part of Snapchat’s major feature, and became the default image within Snapcodes, the QR codes displayed on profiles which link to your personal profile.

Before Monday’s launch, Bitmojis on profiles were just heads and shoulders within those Snapcodes. However, the new design will now allow you to choose different poses, including peace signs or ¾ turns among others.

In 2018, Snapchat announced Bitmoji Deluxe; a tool that offers users new ways to customize their Bitmoji. Bitmoji Deluxe offers you additional skin tones, hairstyles, hair colors, facial features, accessories and many more.

Bitmoji Deluxe, according to Snapchat, is in response to various feedback it got from users who always wanted more options to personalize their creations. The company said Bitmoji Deluxe is just the beginning, and plans to add more options to enrich users’ experience of the functionality.

Here is how to update your Bitmoji: Go to Settings in the Bitmoji app, choose the “Change Avatar Style.” From there you can start customizing your creations to make them look and feel personal—just the way you want them. The option to leave things just as they are, is still available—and that is talking about the Bitmoji “Classic” and Bitstrips styles.

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In 2017, Snapchat brought animated Bitmoji to World Lenses—it means you can take avatars of yourself and have them dropped straight into your surroundings. Snap made all the elements available to users with a Bitmoji app linked to Snapchat on both iOS and Android.

You can unlock the World Lenses by simply scrolling through the lens carousal on the rea-facing your Snapchat camera. That’s where the real fun kicks off; the 3D Bitmojis take over your screen with an icon representing each of the settings. Point your Snapchat camera at a surface to place your Bitmoji and experience live animation with a brief scene.

You can control the animated scenes by moving, walking, or scaling around the 3D experiences. Snapchat also allows you to share your footage with friends or if you like, post them to your story.

Snapchat also integrated the new animation into its recently launched multi-Snap feature that is available on iOS. What this means is that you can make recordings that last longer than the usual 10 seconds.

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