Skype brings screen sharing to iOS and Android

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Skype has taken its screen sharing feature to mobile—and is now available on iOS and Android. It is one of the most popular features in the Microsoft-owned app, and will may go a long way to help keep the video-chat app within a touching distance of other apps in the same category.

“Starting today, we’re launching screen sharing on Android and iOS—along with multiple improvements to our mobile calling experience,” a statement on the Skype blog explained.

Skype first made its plans to introduce screen sharing on mobile known last April, but has now followed that up by making the feature officially available to all mobile users. With skin sharing on mobile, you can do almost anything you want to do including shopping online with your friends, collaborate, with a colleague on a project, and much more. The feature is somewhere in your Skype menu—simply start with a Skype call, tap the brand new “…” menu, and start sharing your screen with others. Screen sharing also allows you to share your PowerPoint presentations, “swipes on dating apps,” among many other things.

Skype won’t be the first of such apps to implement screen sharing among users. Before now, Cisco WebEx, GoTo Meeting, and Zoom have all launched and enabled the feature on their various platforms.

The new screen sharing feature is available in the latest version of the app on iOS and Android. IPhone users would need iOS 12 and above to be able to access the new feature.

Skype has also redesigned its menu, and aside from the screen sharing feature that has now been added, users can now access call recording and subtitles.

Skype launched a feature to blur your room during video calls sometimes in February; a feature that I find very useful. The feature will be able to blur the background while on a video call with your contacts on Skype. Background blur is similar to what is available in Microsoft Teams. It allows you to concentrate on your calls without worrying whether your room is in a bad shape. All you need to do is to toggle, then right-click, or even go through your Skype settings to instantly and subtly blur your background.

Background blur in Skype uses artificial intelligence to keep you in focus during video calls. The feature has been trained to detect your hair, hands, and arms, which enables you to make a call with background blur in a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. The feature does not interfere with the usual process associated with making Skype video calls.

Background blur for Skype is available on desktop, the web and mobile; but you need the latest version of the app/software to start using it.

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