Six Steps To Find Recruiters On LinkedIn [Infographic]

As more and more recruiters go on social media today to find candidates to fill job positions, more and more job hunters should also be thinking about meeting recruiters through  these social media sites.

LinkedIn has traditionally been the choice social network for professional connections and if one is serious about landing a great job through social media, he or she should have a well-built profile on this social network.

After building an excellent profile on LinkedIn, the next logical step is to find recruiters in the field one wants to land a career in.

This infographic from Donna Svei, Execuitve Resume and LinkedIn Profile Writer who blogs at gives people six steps to follow to find recruiters on LinkedIn.

The first three steps come nestled under one encompassing tip. That is to Use LinkedIn’s Advance Search Function.

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Step one says to try the following search string in the title field:

“candidate OR diversity OR employee referral OR employment OR headhunter OR recruiter OR recruiting OR recruitment OR search OR sourcer OR sourcing OR staffing OR talent”.

For countries which have another primary language, one just has to try the search string above in that language.

The second step is to follow this instruction when in the industry field: set the industry field to either “Staffing and Selection” or “Human Resources” plus your own industry.

According to the infographic, about 25 percent of U.S. recruiters choose any of these two fields.  “LinkedIn can be simultaneously searched on several industries,” the infographic notes. “Choose ‘Staffing and Selection’, ‘Human Resources’ and other choices relevant to your career to maximize the number of recruiters returned in the results.”

The third step is to optimize the relationship field by toggling on 1st connections, 2nd Connections, and 3rd + Everyone Else.

“Some menus offer the option to check ‘All’,” the infographic reminds, so be sure to check all whenever given the option.

The next batch of three tips is also under one tip: that is, “Keywords help you find recruiters who don’t list their specialty in LinkedIn’s Industry Field.”

Step four is about the Keyword Field. The infographic advises to “Enter industry terms, functional areas of expertise, and the like.”

For example, enter “energy OR gas OR oil” or “energy OR alternative energy OR wind” or “energy OR alternative energy OR solar” in the keyword field. Modify these strings to include terms for the industry being targeted.

The fifth step is to optimize the Company Field. “If you want to understand the recruiting organization of a target company: 1. Use Step 1 above. 2. Check ‘All’ for Industry. 3. Enter the company’s name in the Company field and selec ‘Current’.”

The sixth step is to limit excessive results. This can be done, the infographic notes, by adding keywords, adding locations, and adding and experimenting with fields.

Learn the infographic by Donna Svei from Avid Careerist by heart below.

LinkedIn, recruiters, job search, infographic,

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