SHRM: Employers use social media to find candidates

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A new survey from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) reveals that 56% of employers use social networking websites in their search for appropriate candidates, and another 20% said they plan to do so in the near future.  The survey from the world’s biggest association of hiring managers shows that LinkedIn currently dominates this space, with 95% of hiring managers who use social networking website reporting that they use LinkedIn to find and evaluate new candidates.


The SHRM survey underscores what has become increasingly evident to job hunters and employers alike: for the job seeker, an updated LinkedIn profile is a necessity and for the employer, LinkedIn should be the first stop in the recruitment process.  The SHRM report explains that employers are gravitating to social networking websites because they “allow an employer the opportunity to gather initial information about a job candidate before a single word has been exchanged”


A good Linked in profile will provide a potential employer with a concise, clear picture of the candidate’s strengths and talents, experience, and current occupation. A really good LinkedIn profile will also have recommendations prior employers, colleagues, and clients.


Facebook was close behind LinkedIn as a resource for hirers, in the SHRM survey, with 56% of those using social media for recruiting reporting that they use Facebook, followed by Twitter at 42%, and professional associations or industry specific came in last at just 23%.   For the employer, one of the main benefits of using social media is that they can search and find an ideal candidate who ideally matches their needs, but who may not have been looking for a job.   Further, compared to traditional methods of recruitment, use of social media websites is quite inexpensive.


The SHRM survey said social networking websites are most helpful in finding the best candidate for salaried professionals, and mid-level managerial and non-managerial employees.

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Author: David John Walker

Dave has a B.A. in Mathematics, loves writing and reading about the latest developments in technology and social media, and has been working as a freelance writer for five years.

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