ShoutYourAbortion campaign rocked social media

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Controversial new campaign

A new campaign called ShoutYourAbortion has rocked the social media world by storm, it’s a major controversial issue that many activist and politicians are arguing about back and forth, its none other than the issue of “abortion”, the opinions of the people about it are split into two parties, the pro-abortion and the anti-abortion party, but mainly the pro-abortion party are just comprised of people who had made the decision themselves and are concerned of the “right” of other women who wants to make the decision but are afraid of because of the law and other people judging them, but currently there is no law that hinders women from making that decision, but it is really the opposite, the current government actually supports abortion and even giving women medical assistance to do it.

The argument of the pro-abortion is that we have a free will and it is their body therefore they are free to do what they want with it, but the anti-abortion party argues that it is still tantamount to murder because the baby they are carrying is also a human being and they have also right, they implied that the phrase “your right ends with the start of the rights of others” still implies to the unborn baby they are carrying, they argue that the mother is just the stewardess of the baby therefore they have the obligation to take care of it.


Pro-Abortion activists’ actions

The campaign was obviously started by activists who are pro-abortion, to “protect” the rights of women, so they say, and to pursue the free will of choice, but anti-abortion parties have rebutted this campaign just as what they do time and time again.

It all started when the US government cut off the funding of Planned Parenthood, mainly the largest health care provider for women and the provider of support for those women who want to abort, the Pro-Abortion activists were angry due to the fact that they were stripped off of their rights to access the choice to abort, they started the hashtag “# ShoutYourAbortion ” during the course of the weekend on Twitter, and surprisingly it took the social media world by storm, the internet was in an uproar.

Women who had or are planning to have abortion have surfaced and shared their thoughts on the matter, they said that the campaign gave them courage to protect their rights and to do the decision that many people have deemed cruel.

Some women even said that they had planned abortion and parenting and not only they are lucky but also not ashamed to and lucky to have access to the choice of abortion and they would like to keep it the way as it is. The woman who started the hashtag said on Twitter that she did not regret making the campaign, and she is not sorry and will not whisper.


Issue on abortion

Abortion is a sensitive issue in the United States, it is a very hot topic and almost all of the people are talking about it, some are betting for it and some are against the notion of aborting a child, each day more and more people are joining the fray. The pope himself even addressed the issue, saying that the sin of women who have committed abortion will be forgiven if they will just express their remorse and repent on it.

But surprisingly many women do not regret their decisions and do not feel remorse deciding to do it, but still in the eyes of God and Man, it is still murder and a grave sin. Even if we do not include God in the issue, the issue of morality and doing what is right still applies to it and still aborting a child and not giving the unborn baby a chance of survival is immoral.

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