Should You Use Facebook’s Boost Post Feature?

Facebook has over 1.73 billion users. And it’s one of the reasons small business owners like you should consider advertising on Facebook. There are many ways to advertise on this social media site. One of them is Facebook’s Boost Post feature.

Should You Use Facebook Boost Post Feature?

Should You Use Facebook Boost Post Feature?

There are benefits to using Facebook’s Boost Post feature.


Obviously, this feature will reach a wider audience. Keep in mind that organic reach continues to dwindle because more brands are advertising on this social media site.

Your boosted post will also target users according to interest, age, and gender. In that case, your post will be seen by your target audience on their News Feed.


With the Boost Post feature, you can reach more people who are likely to interact with your brand. These people are not limited to those who already “liked” your page.

However, it’s not enough to just boost your post on Facebook to increase engagement. Your post must still inform, inspire, or entertain. Keep in mind that people on this social media site are not looking for a sales pitch.

Rather, they are using this social media platform to get details about a certain company or brand. They also want content that makes them smile.

That said, make sure that the post you wish to boost is informative, entertaining, and inspiring. If your post meets these criteria, users who will see your boosted post are likely to comment, like, or share your post.

Target Specific Audience

Another reason you should consider this feature is that it lets you narrow your post to a certain demographic. With specific targeting, the post might perform better than your organic posts.

However, you need to choose the right parameters. And of course, you must know your audience you wish to target. If you wish to reach more people or boost engagement to your post, your audience’s needs and wants are what matter most.

You will know more about your target audience by visiting your Page Insights. This feature offers various details about your audience. You must look into them to help you create a better connection with your fans.

Use Page Insights to know more about the kind of content that your audience responds to most. For instance, you will learn that your audience wants to see gorgeous photos of your products instead of reading your recipe.

Take advantage of that knowledge to help you create a post that is engaging to your audience and not something that you find entertaining or inspiring.

Overcome Organic Reach Decline

As mentioned earlier, organic reach is declining. The reason for this is that Facebook wants to fill its news feed with content from family and friends. And to overcome it, you may wish to consider using Facebook Boost Post.

Then again, no one will interact with your post if it lacks quality. That said, you must avoid using sub-par videos, text, or graphics. In other words, you must only use great images. You may use a product close-up photo.

Now, if you lack photography skills, there are various stock photo sites where you can find great photos related to your post.

Wrapping Up

Using the Facebook Boost Post feature offers a lot of benefits. But you must still boost a post that your audience will find entertaining, informative, and inspirational.

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