Shazam Music Recognition Chrome Extension Now Available

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Identifying music on the web has become a lot easier with the Shazam Chrome extension. 

New Shazam Extension for Chrome Users 

Apple quietly released the Shazam Chrome extension in late 2021. Since 2017, the iPhone maker owned this music recognition service. Even before it was acquired by Apple, Shazam was built into Apple devices at the OS level. In that case, users can ask Siri to identify a song without the need to open the Shazam app. 

Figure Out What Song 

Having the Shazam Chrome extension makes recognizing music a lot easier. The tool can figure out what song is being played in an ad or live stream. You don’t have to use your phone to identify the song or music. 

To identify a song or music, simply go to the tab where the music is playing. Then, press the Shazam button and this nifty tool will identify the song. If it succeeds in identifying the song, it will provide you with a link to the song in Apple Music. The tool also keeps track of the songs you identify in a running list. You can also link your Apple Music account so you can listen to not just a preview but also the entire song. 

The tool works on various websites, such as YouTube, SoundCloud, and Wikipedia, among others. It can get the song right most of the time. Thanks to Shazam’s engine. However, the success of the tool identifying the song varies. Some users complain that they can’t get the tool working. 

To start using it, you need to install it through Chrome Web Store. After successfully installing it, you can access the extension next to the address bar. As mentioned, if you wish for the tool to identify a song or music, simply go to the tab where the music is playing. 

It’s worth noting that Apple didn’t advertise the said extension. It’s probably because the extension has issues. Apple only promotes it on the Shazam website. As mentioned, some people reviewed that the tool isn’t working for them. Others, however, are enjoying it. 

Apple may update the extension coming soon so it can work well for all users. If it’s working for you, you may want to keep it installed. It’s a useful tool. You’ll never know when you’re going to need it. 

With this tool, there’s no need to find your phone and open Shazam app to identify the music being played. Of course, you can always use your phone to ask Siri what song is playing. However, if your mobile device is somewhere far away from you or you’re using headphones, the extension can be quite handy. 

If it’s not working for you, it can be that your computer has no built-in mic. The original app used a built-in microphone to listen. But that’s just a guess.

For those who are using it now, they find it awesome because they can easily find the song before it’s played. To download the extension, visit here. Use it to get lyrics, music videos, and more with just one click.

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