SEO Myth-Busting – Are You Prioritizing The Right Practices?

SEO Myth-Busting - Are You Prioritizing The Right Practices?

As is always the case with a niche service, misinformation will become the source of truth. SEO is no different. Without having your finger on the pulse, many who are not aware of the delicate facts and nuisances of SEO will set about spreading and implementing strategies that will not only go nowhere but could even damage your brand. So, rather than taking any old word as gospel, we’re here to dispel any SEO myths and set you down the road to greater visibility.

Meta Tags are not important

Ignore your meta tags at your own peril. For many businesses, there is a belief that meta tags are just an unnecessary step that serves no function or cut through. , and they, like many other agencies, find that meta tags are always in poor condition when they take on an account. This robs you of a chance to outline your offering and the unique attributes your audience can expect. Not to mention the fact that typically the rest of your competitors have not neglected the chance to divulge more on the SERP. And while Google does not use keywords in meta tags for page rankings, it does allow you to capture attention and increase your CTR.

You shouldn’t need to use target keywords in your anchor text

Link building has changed over the years, but never has it been a good idea to not use your targeted keywords in your anchor text. Some businesses feel the temptation to use their business name (Dave’s Deli) in anchor text over their targeted keywords (deli in Melbourne). Many experts have discussed this very topic, coming to the conclusion that anchor text will always be a ranking factor for Google. Until your business is at the point where it can become its own targeted keyword (think Nike and Amazon), you should always be opting to include targeted keywords into your anchor text.

There is no merit in guest blogging

Falser words have never been spoken, and any business will struggle to climb page 1 without a little help from guest blogging. Guest blogging is the act of contributing a blog article to a third party blog, which makes reference to your business or brand through copy and anchored text. Guest blogging has received a bad name in the last few years, but it remains an integral part of any content and SEO plan, going beyond your owned channel reach and allowing for a wider visibility net.

Like anything, guest blogging can be done incorrectly if the host blog is not of a substantial DA, and does not fit the general requirements of your product or service. Always ensure you are using your own SEO tools to judge the authenticity of a prospective blog, as there are many ‘content farms’ out there lying in wait.

Keyword research is just a waste of time

This can really separate the amateur SEO operator from the SEO agency, with keyword research making up the most critical step in your SEO strategy. If you do not have clear and trackable keywords you are trying to rank for, then your content is just being produced for the sake of it, rather than working to propel your rank on Google. Keyword research can be undertaken through a range of platforms, with MOZ and SEM Rush the most reputable of the collection. In the wrong hands, the research may not land where it should be, so always engage an SEO agency or specialist to advise the direction to proceed.

SEO shouldn’t be feared, and it shouldn’t fall under your responsibility if you cannot commit the amount of time and learning required to achieve success. An effective SEO strategy will look different for almost all businesses, so ensure that you receive professional and measured advice from an SEO agency who have a track record in being just that.

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