Samsung’s Camera Assistant App Expansion

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Samsung’s Camera Assistant App Will Be Available to More Handsets


Samsung is bringing the app to many Galaxy handsets. It will be made soon. Released in October, this app is only available to three Galaxy S22 series. But this will change soon. 

What’s So Special About this App? 

The Camera Assistant app lets you customize the settings of your camera to a certain level that’s not available on the stock camera app. 

Some controls that the brand had removed in the past from the stock camera are now in the CA app. 

You’ll love this app as you can enable or disable HDR. The app also lets you choose soft photo textures that will give your images softer details so you can render dream-like quality. 

Plus, it has an automatic lens switcher that will let your phone pick the best lens to use depending on the zoom, distance to the subject, and lighting. 

This app also enables users to shoot videos while in photo mode. To do this, you need to hold down your phone’s shutter button. 

Now, if you’re not using the camera for two minutes, the app will turn it off automatically. You can also use the app to speed up the shutter. 

It is also useful if you want to set the number of photos you want to capture once the timer goes off. 

Samsung Galaxy S22 vs iPhone 14 Pro 

Despite the many features of the Camera Assistant app, you might wonder if it makes Samsung Galaxy S22 camera better than iPhone 14 Pro. 

Both handsets offer similar features. 

But Galaxy S22 has a 108MP main camera with laser autofocus and OIS. However, iPhone 14 Pro gives you photos that are closer to reality while Samsung goes for a more saturated result. 

Their ultra-wide cameras are also interesting. 

Between the two, iPhone 14 Pro can give your images realistic colors or true-to-life results. In other words, iPhone captures a more accurate image while S22 gives you an image that’s great for social media. 

Then, there’s the telephoto camera

Galaxy S22’s telephoto camera struggles while the 14 Pro gets it correctly. As mentioned earlier, the iPhone image gives you closer-to-reality images. 

However, Galaxy S22 is a winner when taking zoomed-in photos. 

Choosing between the two cameras can be difficult. If you wish to capture closer-to-reality images, then iPhone 14 Pro is a better option. 

Galaxy S22 offers a more saturated photo. 

In some cases, Galaxy S22 is better than iPhone 14 Pro while in other cases, iPhone 14 Pro is the winner. 

It really depends on the results that you wish to achieve. It really comes down to how you want the camera processes the images. 

Each phone excels at taking images in ideal lighting outdoors. You might prefer iPhone’s camera when you shoot ultra-wide landscape shots. 

Samsung is more capable of a closer zoom than the iPhone. The Galaxy S22 Ultra can capture better photos even in challenging lighting conditions. 

And with the help of the Camera Assistant app, you can make your images way better looking. You can easily capture constellations, dark skies, and constellations.

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