Samsung Teaser Video Suggests Launching Of Nexus Prime On Oct.11

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Samsung Teaser Video Suggests Launching Of Nexus Prime On Oct.11 - Google Nexus Prime, Google Phone, Android Ice Cream Sandwich, Unpacked 2011Samsung has released a teaser video saying ‘something big is coming’ on the company’s Unpacked 2011 event on Oct. 11, showing a curved device with telltale features indicative of the Nexus Prime.

The video starts with items that are a perfect fit for each other, including appearances of milk and coffee, coffee and newspaper, and more, with the message “Another perfect combination” in between each combo.

Later on, however, messages like ‘Another perfect combination is just around the corner’ and ‘Something BIG is coming’ appear, with the latter zooming out on top of a curved smartphone/tablet that may as well be the highly anticipated Nexus Prime.

Using the previous arched Google phone – the Samsung Nexus S – as basis for deduction, the curved device shown on the video could be the first smartphone to run on the new Android Ice Cream Sandwich mobile OS from Google.

The purported Nexus Prime appears in a horizontal, sideview position showing three golden contacts, a power button, and a bulge indicative of the camera’s location.


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