Samsung Releases Milk VR Video Service For Gear GR

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Tech giant Samsung has launched Milk VR, which is a service aimed at providing free 360-degree videos to anyone using a Gear VR virtual-reality headset. Recall that it was launched as a limited “Innovator’s Edition” at the start of December. To get people coming back to the service, the content is expected out on consistent bases.

According to CNET, the Korean company wants the Milk VR to be a rebuttal to those who are sceptical about the amount of content available to the Gear VR. The video according to the same report is expected to serve as a model for future filmmakers or artists looking to take advantage of the virtual-reality medium, including building an ecosystem and viewership for VR content. As a matter of fact, the VR will also go along with the Milk Video and Milk Radio services, which will further draw the tech giant into the content game.

Samsung’s Milk VR will feature downloadable and streamable content free-of-charge to Gear VR owners. Samsung says it wants to make Milk VR a “daily habit” for its customers in the same way YouTube has built an ecosystem that brings users back for more with a variety of content from known personalities.


“Video is like the Wild West in VR,” said Nick DiCarlo, head of Samsung’s VR business, in an interview earlier this month. “There are so many ways to shoot immersive video. Milk VR can play a wide range of content,” reports CNET.

The service, which is launching today (Tuesday), will be a technical preview with a limited library content. This is to allow avid users binge their way through it before it gets regular updates on content. Since videos released for Milk VR are said to take between 1-10 minutes to watch, it won’t take long.

Recall that the Gear VR went on sale during the second week of December in the United States. It is designed more for developers and artists looking to test the device, rather than a mainstream consumer device. The headset costs $199 and requires a Galaxy Note 4, which acts as its brains, display and audio output.

DiCarlo had said during an interview that he was looking at engagement, not unit sales, as his metric of success for Gear VR. He however, declined to say when he thought virtual reality would be embraced by the masses.

He however, said that the company is paying for the videos that will run on Milk VR.

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