Samsung launches Exynos 5100 5G modem with 2Gbps per second speeds

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Samsung has launched a modem it claimed is the first 5G enabled one in the industry. Its new Exynos 5100 modem, according to Business Wire, supports multi-mode communication, which ensures high efficiency in terms of transmission of data.

The Exynos 5100 modem is fully compatible with 3GPP, and is built on power-efficient 10-nanometer process technology. The modem supports both the sub-6GHz and mmWave portions of the electromagnetic spectrums currently in use by the 3GPP’s 5G standard

Samsung’s leadership in communication technologies and market-proven knowledge allowed us to develop the industry’s first 5G modem, the Exynos Modem 5100, which fully complies with the latest 3GPP standards,” said Dr. Inyup Kang, president and head of System LSI Business at Samsung Electronics per Business Wire. “As the industry prepares the shift toward 5G, Samsung will continue to drive the growth of innovative ideas and new services in mobile applications and other emerging industries.”

While Samsung’s claims of being the first company to roll out a 3GPP compatible modem, the honor of being the first company to launch a 5G modem goes to Qualcomm. Qualcomm’s X50 modem was the first to be launched a couple of years ago, and other company had since been signifying interest in embracing the new technology.

Flexibility is one of the major features of the Exynos 5100 modem. It is compatible with 2G, 3G, and 4G LTE within a single chip, which makes it truly unique. The South Korean giant adds that the Exynos 5100 has the capacity to reach speeds of up to 2Gbps per second, and up to 6Gbps using mmWave signals.

Just last week, Samsung launched its Galaxy Note 9 with Bluetooth S-Pen and 512GB storage. The Note 9 is powered by a Snapdragon 845 chipset, with a 128GB of storage on the base model. However, you will also have an option to choose a 512GB as the South Korean phone maker has an alternative upgraded model with a complete 8GB of RAM on board.

The die-hard Galaxy phone lovers out there will be much pleased to find out that the S-Pen comes with new colors, and is also Bluetooth connected to your phone. This allows handy features including the ability to use it as a remote shutter button for the camera.

Of course, you are anxious to know what Samsung has to offer in terms of the camera of the phone; well, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes with a dual-camera setup. It boasts of a dual-aperture primary sensor, which is not different from what other Note 9 phones boast of.

One other area where Samsung has vastly improved upon is the battery life—the Note 9 is packed with a 4,000 mAh battery. With 20 percent boost over what we had in last year’s device, users can at least enjoy their purchase for a much longer time before they start getting worried of charging it for further use. If the words of Samsung is anything to go bye, the company said consumers can enjoy the device all day on a charge. Charging is not a problem, at least you can get that done with the USB-C, and the faster wireless charging which also comes with the pack.

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