Samsung Is Releasing A Brand New Smartwatch SDK For App Developers

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After so much speculation surrounding the release of a round Samsung watch, the smartphone giants finally issued an official statement last Thursday. The Korean smartphone giants formally announced that it would release a brand new smartwatch SDK for app developers.

Interested developers who wish to join the program are expected to submit an application at the Samsung Developer website. While successful applicants will be emailed the development resources will be among the first to get a close look at the build apps and SDK for the next Gear, Samsung said.

The new wearable device will be the 7th generation of the smartphone maker’s Gear with a wrist watch type, and marks the first time that Samsung has released its wearable SDK to third-party developers before the official product announcement.

“Samsung has actively adapted its approach to wearable device development as the leader of the rapidly developing category,” said JK Shin, CEO and Head of IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung Electronics. “Through meaningful and progressive innovation, Samsung welcomes to developers and industry leaders to join this open collaboration effort to enrich and create unique user experiences for a new smart mobile life.”

Samsung came under severe criticism from its consumers last year, who clearly showed a preference for the design of the round Moto 360 smartwatch over its squarish Gear designs.

It’s typical of the smartphone giant to provide an indirect hint of announcing its new product or plans. This announcement didn’t quite leave much room for speculations, but, of course, a bit can be said about its operating system. Samsung’s release of a new SDK is an indication that it will run on Tizen rather than the already round-friendly Android Wear.

While a possible release date has not been announced a hint given by the announcement, consumers shouldn’t expect anything on that anytime soon. Perhaps, Samsung could yet set a release date before the year runs to end; September or around that period.

The release of the new rounded Gear could yet be sooner than expected with Apple Watch about to hit, and new Android Wear software on the horizon. We suggest you keep your fingers crossed and be on the lookout for any update and information from the Korean smartphone giant as well as from the press.

The press release announcing the SDK, which was spotted by Android Central, also featured a circle weather watch face graphic.

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