Samsung Health Monitor App Gets FDA Approval

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FDA Cleared Samsung Health Monitor App Heart Health Feature


People love to use a health monitor app as they can track their progress toward their fitness goals. They have a record and they can hold themselves accountable. Whatever their progress is, the app can help them stay motivated to continue their fitness journey. 

On Monday, Samsung said that its Irregular Hearth Rhythm Notation (IHRN) feature of the app has received FDA clearance. With the app’s on-demand ECG function, the new feature can proactively monitor heart rhythm suggestive of Afib. 

Samsung said

“We’re excited to announce that Irregular Heart Rhythm Notification, designed to help millions of people around the world who may not be aware of a potential heart risk, has been cleared by the FDA. This is yet another example of how Samsung prioritizes proactive safety solutions and enables users to receive a more holistic understanding of their cardiovascular and overall health.”

What is AFib? 

AFib is a threat to a person’s health. It is a type of irregular heartbeat that can increase the risk of stroke, heart failure, and other heart-related complications. When you have it, the upper chambers of your heart beat irregularly. In some cases, they beat rapidly causing blood to pool in the heart and form clots. If a clot travels from the heart to the brain, it can cause a stroke. 

The Galaxy Watch has Bioactive Sensor that can look for irregular heart rhythms. But you need to activate it using Samsung’s Health Monitor app. 

The sensor needs to pick up several irregular measurements to alert the wearer of a possible AFib activity. However, just because the sensor picks up these measurements, it does not mean that they are conclusive. Hence, you will receive a notification suggesting that you take an ECG reading to get a more accurate measurement. 

The feature is included in the One UI 5 Watch update. 

Apple Watch’s Similar Feature

The Apple Watch also has this kind of feature. The FDA also cleared Apple Watch’s AFib History feature. It can be used by wearers aged 22 and above who have been diagnosed with AFib. The update was released in the fall of 2022. 

Why Is It Important to Monitor AFib? 

As mentioned, it is the most common form of irregular heartbeat. It affects millions of Americans. If it is not treated, it can cause stroke, heart failure, and blood clots. 

Wearing this type of device with AFib monitoring features can improve prevention and diagnosis. The reason for this is that many cases of this condition are asymptomatic. In that case, you may have it but you are not aware of your condition until you undergo a physical examination or you experience a cardiac event, like a stroke. 

Tech and pharmaceutical companies are collaborating to bring digital therapeutics to wearables. They are helpful for users to manage chronic health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and many others. 

Many healthcare professionals welcome the change in how people monitor a number of chronic diseases including high blood pressure and heart rhythm abnormalities.

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