Samsung Galaxy Watch5 and Watch5 Pro receive new metal straps

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Samsung has launched two new metal straps for the Galaxy Watch5 Pro and Galaxy Watch5 in South Korea.

Link Bracelet

The Link Bracelet strap enhances the style of the Galaxy Watch5 Pro. It is made from lightweight, durable titanium.

The standard strap called D-buckle Sport Band is designed for outdoor activities. But the Link bracelet strap shows a deluxe analog watch feel and can be matched with different outfits.

This product uses a button-type link to easily connect the watch body and strap. The strap length is designed to adjust with buttons conveniently.

The buckle has a magnetic fastener for a convenient yet luxurious serviceability.


Samsung has also introduced a “Milanese” strap for the Galaxy Watch5. It is from premium stainless-steel material.

The Milanesy boasts strong durability, as users can rest assured of its anti-contamination and anti-corrosion properties.

The mesh structure of stainless steel is tight. But it still provides a comfortable fit and excellent breathability.

It connects the body and strap with buttons, and the buckle uses a magnetic fastener.

The launch price in South Korea for the Galaxy Watch5 Pro Link bracelet strap is 253,000 won ($181).

The Milanese strap costs 99,000 won ($71) for both the Galaxy Watch5 44mm and 40mm models.

To mark the occasion, Samsung will sell the Link bracelet strap for 198,000 won ($142) and the Milanese strap for 77,000 won ($56) on for the whole month of November.

Samsung also sells Galaxy Watch5 Pro Bluetooth models and Link bracelet straps, and Galaxy Watch 5 Bluetooth models and Milanese straps in packages. 

The price per package is 599,000 won ($430) for the Galaxy Watch5 Pro, 339,000 won ($244) for the Watch5 44mm, and 319,000 won ($229) for the Watch 5 40mm.

Samsung Electronics is offering a 30,000 won ($22) accessory coupon to all customers who purchase the Galaxy Watch5 series. Customers can use these coupons to purchase straps and various accessories at a more reasonable price.

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