Samsung Galaxy S3 Review

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The Samsung Galaxy S3; some are calling it the greatest phone ever because of its unparalleled specs and features. The device had close to 10 million pre-orders, which shows just how popular this smart phone is. In fact, it is one among only a few devices in recent years that have garnered close to, if not the same amount of attention to Apple products.


According to Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is “inspired by nature – it sees, listens, responds, and allows you to share the greatest moments.”

True to its overemphasized slogan, you get to choose between two kinds of brushed polycarbonate: “Pebble Blue” and “Marble White”. Blue has a brushed metal effect, while white looks glossy. In addition, Blue hue is dark enough that it is much closer to black. The Pebble Blue seems to be more attractive than the Marble White, which resembles a low-end Galaxy Mini. On the other hand, some complain that the Pebble Blue is a design that pretends to be metallic, and so it is not to their liking.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 may be the leading smartphone of 2012. (Image: o2 in Deutschland (CC) via Flickr)

A Huge Phone

Its dimensions are 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6 mm. It has a 4.8-inch Super AMOLED HD screen. It weighs 133 grams. It’s a little bit thicker than S2, and thinner than HTC One X. The Apple iPhone 4S is much smaller and a little bit heavier.

It’s a huge phone but still manageable even for people with small hands, because of its tactile, rounded and slender body, and the huge screen makes apps, videos and photos look stunning in this display.
Then again, you might have to stretch your fingers to reach some parts of the S3.

Mostly Made of Plastic

Samsung Galaxy S3 is very light for its size, because it’s made from large amounts of plastic. But it feels luxurious and is very tactile. The smartphone doesn’t feel cheap at all. Its front is a very solid Gorilla Glass 2, while its interior is well-packaged, and its battery cover is very stout.
As such, the S3 feels rock-solid despite being mostly plastic.


It has more of an oval-shaped design, abandoning the rectangular look of Samsung Galaxy S2. Galaxy S3 mostly resembles Samsung Galaxy Nexus, with its HD screen and rounded, smoothed edges.

Holding the Samsung Galaxy S3 feels great; perfect for people who prefer big HD screens and light polycarbonate shells. The contour feels right to hold with the palm.


The screen is beautiful, with its contrast ratio, large display and excellent color reproduction. In addition, the color balance seems to be tweaked; it’s now not as saturated as before. Those who criticized the harsh colors of the Super AMOLED display will be pleased with this new revision.

Other Notable Features

With a microSD card slot, the smartphone’s memory is expandable. By default, it has 16, 32 or 64 GB storage options.

The physical home button is located below the screen. In addition, there are touch-sensitive back and menu keys on either side of the home button, placed rather inconveniently, where you can accidentally trigger them with your hand.

Should You Buy Samsung Galaxy S3?

Well not if the premium pricing discourages you, and if your mobile needs are just modest. It’s good for people who need serious amounts of power and have lots of money.

This is the best smartphone right now. There aren’t too many Androids that can match the prowess of this device. HTC One X comes close, also a quad core device, but benchmark tests by CNET reveal it’s not as powerful as the S3.

Furthermore, Samsung Galaxy S3 buyers are sure to enjoy the fact that it allows them to highly control and customize the digital environment.

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