Samsung Galaxy S21 Won’t Come with a Charging Brick – Copying iPhone 12?

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Samsung opted not to ship the charger plug and earphones in its latest Galaxy smartphones. The reason for this decision is logical. But it still copied what Apple did to iPhone 12. 

Don’t be surprised if you don’t see that your Samsung Galaxy S21 came without a wall charger in the box. Samsung is joining Apple and Xiaomi to ship their smartphones without wall chargers. 

This has become a trend and you can expect that other manufacturers will follow suit in 2021. 

But Why Samsung Decided to Follow Its Rival Apple? 

Samsung said that Galaxy users are just reusing the accessories they already own as a way to promote better recycling habits. 

To support its users’ recycling habits, new Galaxy smartphones won’t have charger plug and earphones in their boxes. 

The removal of earphones and charger plugs from the packaging will help solve sustainable consumption issues. 

Samsung implemented the use of USB-C type charging ports in 2017. Thus, you can still use your older chargers with the latest Galaxy models. 

This is logical considering the increasing number of people who are buying smartphones every year. In that case, these same people will have a smartphone charger that’s compatible with a new phone. 

But it doesn’t mean that you can’t buy a wall charger or wired earphones. Samsung will still sell the accessories, in case you need them. 

However, Galaxy S21 uses fast-charging technology. And if your charger came with the S9, then you can’t enjoy the fast-charging technology of S21. It means that it won’t charge that fast. 

If you want fast charging results, you should only buy 25-watt USB-C wall chargers that Samsung approved. 

Because Samsung Galaxy S21 doesn’t have a charger in the box, the company can sell you a 25W fast charger for $34.99. It means that Samsung will still generate revenue even if the company lowered its price. 

It may help in lowering product waste. It’s true. But some people are holding on to their phones for longer. 

It means that they don’t buy a smartphone every year. Thus, if they didn’t buy a new smartphone in 2017, they still have the traditional USB wall that may not be compatible with Galaxy S21. 

Now, if they choose to buy the latest Galaxy model this year, they’ll have to purchase the charger at an extra cost. 

Since Samsung will no longer include a charger in its packaging, it may significantly affect the overall costs of their cheaper phones. 

If you buy a cheaper Samsung phone without a charger, you’ll be forced to buy one because your old charger no longer works. The cheaper price of a phone will be more expensive than you think. 

In that case, the less expensive price comes with a few compromises. Samsung should offer a discounted price on their wall chargers. 

Currently, Samsung implemented the no charger policy to Samsung Galaxy S21. But its new premium and cheap smartphones may follow suit.

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