Samsung Galaxy S II Crosses 20 Million Mark in 10 Months

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Samsung has announced that its Galaxy S II smartphone finally crossed the mark for 20 million units sold worldwide.

The South Korean phone maker reported on Wednesday its new achievement for the Galaxy S II, which has evolved from only one phone to a different lineup of Android handsets in various shapes and sizes.

A total of 5 months allowed Samsung to ship a total 10 million units, 5 million for the first three months and 10 million after another two months.

Now sales of the current Samsung flagship have surpassed 20 million units after 10 months since its launch, which means it needed two five-month periods of ten million units each to reach the new milestone.

The continuous release of newly modified units with varying screen sizes allowed Samsung to create a new family of Galaxy devices that span from 4.3-inch to 4.65-inch displays, with some gaining 4G LTE capability in certain markets.

Another fascinating figure came from the Samsung Galaxy S, which now has 22 million units sold, as it only took seven months to cross the 10 million mark in sales, albeit two months longer than the S II.

The next Samsung flagship is coming during the first half of this year but the Galaxy S II surely made lots of money for the company.

Samsung Galaxy S II Crosses 20 Million Mark in 10 Months - Samsung Galaxy S II, Galaxy S II sales, Galaxy S II shipments

Samsung Galaxy S II. Image: Alan_D via Flickr (CC)


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