Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Is Worth A Look

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Is Worth A Look


Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a follow-up to Galaxy Note 7, a disastrous smartphone. Unveiled in New York, the latest Galaxy Note has a dual-lens camera and expanded note-taking. It also comes with animated messages but a low battery capacity.

Because of what happened to its predecessor, Samsung is no longer squeezing more power in the phone. Last year, the Korean company had to recall Note 7 after dozens of its units caught fire because of defective batteries.

Before releasing it, the company made sure that the latest Galaxy Note would have no battery problem as it went through multiple inspections, such as x-rays and tests at extreme temperatures.

During the launch, the company’s president for mobile business communication, DJ Koh, thanked millions of loyal users who stayed with the Note community despite what happened. DJ Koh stated that the majority of Samsung users would still recommend the device to their friends.

How much is it?

When it unveiled the latest phone, the company didn’t say anything about the price. But analysts guess it could be around $850. It’ll come in various colors, like orchid grey, maple gold, midnight black and deep blue sea.

The latest unit may help in saving the Note reputation. It focuses on camera, memory, and other high-quality features. The company emphasizes on giving its users functional phone with the best features, instead of offering them unnecessary bells and whistles.

Each feature is useful, and it’s something that its users would actually want. Its screen feels limitless as it’s sleek and very light for its size, even though its massive. With its screen size, it allows you to perform various tasks that could be cumbersome on some smartphones.

Because of its size, only a few people will want to use their tablet. The massive screen size and space feels slimmer than the iPhone. Furthermore, the S Pen is more accurate than the last.

The Live Focus is another favorite of those who tested the latest unit. The cameras of Samsung offer excellent quality as they produced captivating photos.

However, Live Focus lets you capture a photo as if you were using a professional camera and not a smartphone. It can focus on a point while it blurs the background, letting you receive an incredible result.

Samsung Note phones are a niche product. They are designed for people who are utilizing their phones more than the average consumers.

Another feature to look forward to is the anti-shake technology in the two lenses. The iPhone 7 has this kind of technology, but it’s only on the lens with magnification.

The Note line is known for its stylus that appears out of a slot in the unit. The latest Note restores some of the improvements in Note 7.

Samsung also brought back another popular feature that enables users to write notes even on a locked screen. You can write up to 100 screens that are full of notes, instead of just one note.

Then, users can handwrite their text messages. These SMS are delivered as animated GIF files. In that way, their recipients would still read them even if they don’t have Note 8.

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