Samsung believes foldable Apple mobile devices will launch in 2024

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Samsung says it expects Apple to join the foldable space in 2024—at least with notebooks and tablets first.

The information was shared during Samsung’s Mobile Experience meeting with suppliers during the third week of October, TheElec reports

The Mobile Experience—Samsung’s mobile business arm—has shared with its suppliers that the foldable smartphone market will have a compound annual growth rate of 80% up to 2025.

Samsung has shared that iPhone users in South Korea in their 20s and 30s have switched to Samsung’s foldable phones at a faster rate of three to four times higher than before.

The tech giant expects that up to 90% of foldable smartphone users are set to buy foldable smartphones as their next devices.

Foldable smartphone only accounts for 1% of the total smartphone market. But Samsung believes customers have high satisfaction rates, and the sector is expected to grow exponentially.

The company believes its suppliers must overcome a few challenges for foldable phones to become more popular.


  • Making the phones weigh less and thinner, and more durable
  • Reducing the crease on the screen
  • Having a designated slot for the S Pen
  • Improving the camera

Samsung asks its suppliers for the vibration motor to vibrate more. And it asked for the development of new materials to reduce the overall weight of foldable phones.

The tech giant has planned for a reserved slot for the S Pen on the Galaxy Z Fold4.

Samsung wanted more high-end camera modules on the Fold 4. But the plans were scrapped to in favor of the weight and thickness limitations.

The Z Fold 4 weighs 263 grams. This is heavier than the iPhone 14 Pro at 206 grams and the iPhone 14 Pro Max at 240 grams.

Samsung aims to make its foldable devices as durable as its previous flagship phones.

Software development that fits the 4:3 aspect ratio screen of the Fold series was also discussed during the meeting.

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