Samsung Announces New Version Of The Gear VR

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Samsung on Sunday at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona announced a new version of the Gear VR, its virtual reality headset.

The Gear VR Innovator is designed for use with the newly unveiled Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. It will allow users to immerse themselves in watching high-resolution films, TV shows, and scrolling through photos, according to The Telegraph. The new headset, which features a 96 degree field of view, is 15 percent smaller than previous version released by the South Korean tech giant.

The Gear VR will still feature the ‘Innovator Edition’ tag, which means it is aimed basically at bleeding edge enthusiasts and developers than the public at large. The technology too has not changed as the Samsung Gear VR still runs on the Oculus technology.

Samsung Gear VR


The new Samsung S6 is said to carry the world’s first embedded wireless solution, and certified with WPC and PMA Standards. According to the Telegraph, the new phone will be highly charged within 10 minutes of laying it on a charging pad, which Samsung sells separately; and that will be enough to watch an HD Video Play for two hours.

The highly attractive S6 Edge by Samsung is curved on both sides, which means the display wraps around the whole width of the smartphone. In terms of design, the S6 Edge is an extension of the Galaxy Note Edge, which is curved along the phone’s right hand side only.

Also launched today by the South Korean smartphone company is Pay; a service which allows users to make payment with the use of their mobile phones.

The new service will allow you to pay for goods and services by waving your smartphone near the register instead of swiping your credit card. This service was unveiled alongside the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge, which will be the first set of smartphones to boast of the Pay feature.

“Samsung Pay will reinvent how people pay for goods and services and transform how they use their smartphones,” JK Shin, co-CEO who runs the IT and mobile divisions at Samsung Electronics, said in a statement.”

Samsung Pay is expected to be launched in South Korea and the United States later in the year, while Europe and China will join in a date that is yet to be announced by the World’s largest smartphone maker. Samsung Pay will be supported by MasterCard, Visa, and some other companies.

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