Safari Extension Brings PiP to YouTube

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That extension is called Vinegar. 

Vinegar Giving Better YouTube Experience 

When you use the Safari browser while watching YouTube, you know that it isn’t the best experience. Even if you use the app on your mobile device, the app still lacks some features that improve the experience when watching videos. 

But Vinegar, the new Safari extension, will change it. It replaces the player with a small HTML. 

And a Dinosaur developed the said extension. It’s also the same company that developed Web Inspector, which is a developer console for Safari. In mobile Safari, the extension replaces the default YouTube player with its own player. 

With this extension, you no longer have to deal with in-video ads. It also prohibits the video-sharing platform from tracking your activities. Plus, it brings picture-in-picture functionality. When you switch to another tab, the videos will keep playing. You can also play an audio-only stream. All of these features will work even if you’re watching a YouTube video embedded in another site or through a dedicated YouTube website. 

Picture in Picture on iPhone 

PiP has been introduced on the iPad. Apple added it to iPhone just recently. The iOS 14 has a PiP feature that enables users to continue watching a video while they are doing other tasks on their mobile devices. 

With PiP, you can check your email or reply to a message while still watching a video or Facetime window that floats around the screen. This feature provides customization options that allow users total control over how each window appears on iPhone. You can resize a window or move it around the screen. 

To enable this feature, you need to have at least iOS 14 installed on your mobile device. Then, visit Settings and tap General. When on the General screen, search for the Picture in Picture option. Tap on it. If you don’t want to use it, you can just turn it off. 

When Apple introduced its PiP support by releasing iOS 14 in 2020, YouTube didn’t allow free users to watch videos in this mode. Only YouTube Premium subscribers could take advantage of the said mode. 

Is Vinegar Free? 

Unfortunately, the Vinegar Safari extension isn’t free. If you want it, you need to pay $1.99. It’s a one-time payment. There’s no subscription or in-app purchases. 

Why Do You Need Vinegar? 

If you’re fond of watching YouTube videos on mobile Safari, you should try this extension. You can get the PiP functionality that lets you switch to other tabs, exit the browser and open another app and the video will keep playing in the PiP window. 

As mentioned, Vinegar brings back PiP on iOS and removes in-video ads. You also don’t have to deal with pre-roll ads that you need to see before watching the video. 

Even if you’re not a Premium YouTube subscriber, you can keep the audio playing in the background even when your device is locked. This is ideal if you wish to listen to podcasts, lectures, and music. It also prevents YouTube from tracking you.

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